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Raw Peach Ice Cream

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in GAPS, Low Oxalate, Recipe, Traditional Foods | 7 comments

It has been a dry spring here in Missouri. This means that farmers of all kinds are struggling with getting food from their fields to their customers. This doesn’t just apply to our CSA and other produce farmers but our source of Raw Grassfed Milk is also struggling. When the fields don’t get rain the grass isn’t as lush and the cows don’t produce as much milk. It is like when a lactating mom goes on a starvation diet and loses her milk supply. This is the time of year when milk should be plentiful and cream very rich so week after week I have been ordering raw cream from my farmers and week after week we have heard that there wasn’t enough milk to make cream. One week we even all had to accept less milk than we...

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Wilted Lettuce Salad

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in GAPS, Kids, Low Oxalate, Recipe, Traditional Foods | 5 comments

A couple of years ago I was at the farmers market chatting with one of the farmers that we got our food from.  She was telling me that she had made a wilted lettuce salad and how her kids had marveled at how it shrank when she made it.  I said “A what?”  I hadn’t ever heard of a wilted lettuce salad.  I consider myself to have enjoyed a wide variety of foods from all over the world but she was looking at me like I had lived under a rock my whole life.  I just had to hear what it was about.  “You cook bacon and add vinegar and you mix it into the lettuce hot” was all I got out of her.  She made it sound very common place so I came home and looked in my...

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Water Hose Filter Special Offer

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Cherries On Top, Gardening, Kids, toxins | Comments Off on Water Hose Filter Special Offer

I live in a major metropolitan area and I am concerned about what is in our water. I would like a whole house filter but at this point just can’t afford it so instead I have a high quality under sink water filter for the kitchen from The Water Exchange that filters out fluoride as well as other contaminants. I also use a ZeroWater Pitcher in our upstairs bathroom because I know we won’t walk all the way downstairs for good water to drink or to brush our teeth. I have been concerned about my garden. I use the Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter to grow tomatoes every year. This year we have 8 going. This requires a lot of water and this means a lot of toxins are flowing past the roots of my plants and being absorbed by...

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Update from 13 days post Cavitation Surgery

Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in Adrenal, Cherries On Top, Dental, healing | 9 comments

This is just a quick update on my experience with Cavitation Surgery.  To read more about it go to Cavitations and My Dental Health as well as Cavitation Surgery: My Experience At about 10 days post op my tooth pain significantly decreased.  I don’t know if it was just enough time or because I began taking a probiotic called Prescript-Assist that was recommended to me for bone healing.  Within 24 hours of starting it I was significantly better. I ate some raw zucchini that a friend offered me and was not in horrible pain from the first bite like I had been eating much softer foods just 24 hours previous. I still avoided raw veggies as a rule but that was much better.   12 days post op I put some dried cherries in my mouth without thinking and didn’t notice...

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GAPS Alfredo Sauce

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in GAPS, Low Oxalate, Recipe, Traditional Foods | 10 comments

When I first moved out on my own I discovered the wonders of alfredo sauce. I never liked tomato sauce and so for years I had my pasta with butter and cheese. Then one day I tasted rich delicious alfredo sauce. I was in heaven! Even better was Alfredo Primavera. Pasta with alfredo sauce and vegetables. In fact it goes well with so many additions, shirmp, chicken, broccoli, the possibilities are endless! I’m getting myself all worked up over it again. I was longing for something rich and creamy and though to Alfredo sauce. Well so many of those recipes use some sort of a starch to thicken the sauce. Not exactly a GAPS friendly ingredient. Even without starch they call for fresh heavy cream, also not GAPS. I tried out an idea tonight that turned out really good!...

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