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Guest Post-8 Signs & Symptoms of Mineral Deficiencies

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in healing, Nutrition | 10 comments

As many of you know from reading my story here and elsewhere I really struggle with mineral deficiency symptoms.  Lydia has shared some ways to know if these are issues for you too. She also includes few pointers on how to correct them as well.  I have learned a lot from Lydia and I know you will too. -PattyLA —— Minerals are the spark plugs in the chemistry of life. The human body cannot make it’s own minerals, all minerals must be maintained within the body through adequate consumption. However, consumption alone is not enough, we must be able to actually digest and absorb them. Minerals are very difficult for the body to extract from food. It takes adequate stomach acid to pull the minerals from food, and we also need good fats to utilize them too. If the pH of...

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GAPS Gazpacho

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in GAPS, Kids, Recipe, Traditional Foods | 3 comments

I love Gazpacho. Many years ago I had a roommate who had grown up in California. In the spring after a long cold Connecticut winter she felt inspired to have Gazpacho at her college Graduation party. I hadn’t ever tasted it and generally was of the opinion that tomatoes that weren’t intact were suspect. (I was never a great fan of marinara sauce or tomato soup). I tasted a tiny bit trepiditiously and instantly was hooked! This stuff is fantastic! I had her recipe that I followed religiously for years and then I lost it. Alas I haven’t ever seen a recipe again with quite the same combinations of ingredients however over the past few years I have loosened up my expectations of an exact result with gazpacho and now I want to just use whatever I have on hand that is...

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Guest Post – Gut Healing and Lactofermentation

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in GAPS, healing, Traditional Foods | 2 comments

Today I have a guest post from KerryAnn Foster. KerryAnn shares her personal experience with gut problems and also healing. She also shares about lactofermentation and why doing it properly can be so beneficial to those of us in need of gut healing. Don’t miss the discount code she is offering at the end of this post for her lactofermentation class! I have learned so much from KerryAnn about fermentation and am learning more all the time. This class will be a great way to get your healing to the next level. If you are on GAPS and not fermenting because you are intimidated by it or because your ferments keep failing this will be a great way to get started with plenty of resources for the novice and experienced fermenter alike. -PattyLA ——– Lactofermentation is a favorite topic...

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Dehydrated Broth

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in GAPS, Kids, Low Oxalate, Traditional Foods, Travel | 38 comments

Broth is the foundation of the GAPS diet. One of the pillars of all healthy diets worldwide according to Dr Kate Shanahan and it is featured prominently in Nourishing Traditions. It seems to be part of the diets of all people with good health from all cultures. Perhaps that is why we continue to use and crave it’s flavor in so many foods. Canned broth and bullion cubes are not a healthy part of any diet but an weak imitation of the real stuff that humans have thrived on for millennia. I have shared how to make bone broth, how to make meat broth, the difference between the two and about making it in the pressure cooker. I have also shared ideas for sneaking it into your families diet. Today I’m going to share another idea for broth. Many of my blog posts contain...

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GAPS Travel Food: How to menu plan and my menu.

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in allergies, GAPS, Kids, Low Oxalate, Recipe | 3 comments

Summer is the time for road trips! On GAPS or any special diet you may feel like you need a truck like this one to carry all of your food for a trip away from home. That isn’t so! My family is taking 2 long ones this summer and we took one last fall. It is a bit more complicated than the old days when we could just stop for fast food along the way but depending on your destination and length of travel you may be able to get away with just a cooler or two and some shelf stable food storage. This post is mostly about food.  If you want to know about the tools we used to make traveling away from home much easier check out this post I wrote last fall. Traveling on GAPS I’m...

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