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Be Young Essential Oils Memorial Day sale!

I have shared about my experiences with Be Young essential oils in the past (Intro to essential oils and Mint Essential Oil).  I continue to use their single oils and blends to bring health to myself and my family.  Most recently we are using a lot of lavender essential oil.  We used it to cure pink eye in my husband and on some cat scratches on my daughter.  These Be Young oils are strong!  I was telling the friend about my husbands reaction to the lavender eo application to heal his pink eye and she said “your oils must be much stronger than the ones I am used to using”. Yes!  These essential oils are pure, strong and effective!

Right now Be Young is having an amazing sale.  Well you can see for yourself.  But look below this to see how you can get an even better discount.

Memorial Day Savings!
Save 15% – 30%
Cyber Monday Offer

 Celebrate the Memory of Your Loved Ones 

“Bi-Annual Pick 3, 6, or 9 Special!”

While Supplies Last!

Good Only May 28 through midnight, May 31, 2012 

  • Pick any 3 items from our entire inventory and get 15% OFF!*
  • Pick any 6 items from our entire inventory and get 25%! OFF*
  • Pick any 9 items from our entire inventory and get 30% OFF!*


Keep your resolve this year for the best of health and well-being.

Due to computer programming restrictions, please be sure that you order strictly in increments of 3, 6, or 9. (Once you click “checkout” you will not be able to modify your order and still receive the savings)

*PV will be awarded at the same discount as the dollar discount. If you purchase at a 15% discount, your PV will be discounted by 15%, etc.

Sharing Partner Login

Customer Login 

Orders can be placed over the phone. Be Young Essential Oils sales agents will be available May 29th 9:00 – 5:00 pm MST.

Toll Free:             866-936-2232

15% – 30%Off 

All products in stock

Ok so this deal sounds great, right?  Up to 30% off!  But you can get an additional 20% off right from the start if you sign up to be a sharing partner with Be Young first.  There is no obligation to ever many any purchase and you can take advantage of this great deal and then never make a purchase again or only buy oils when this deal is offered twice a year.  Really it is that simple and it costs you nothing and can save you a ton.  Why wouldn’t you do it?  Plus if you like supporting my blog I do get a commission on these purchases, but only if you sign up as a sharing partner (and spend less of your money).  If you pay full price it doesn’t benefit me nearly as much (and you pay 20% more, why would you do that if you don’t have to?)  So if you will just sign up as a sharing partner before making a purchase it is a win/win!

You are probably wondering how to sign up.  Just go to and click on the enroll now tab.  That will bring you to a form.  Just fill out the form and you are enrolled and can then purchase oils for 20% less.  These discounts are then taken on top of that 20% discount that you get for being a sharing partner.  It really is that simple.  Sometimes you will need to enter my sharing partner id to complete the form.  It is 9896.

Some people do not like providing their social security number.  Since signing up as a sharing partner gives you the potential to make money from the buisness they need to have that for tax purposes just in case you make some money down the line.

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Let me know any questions you may have in the comments.

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Thank You! –PattyLA

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