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Homemade Skin Care for Adults and Kids Plus More!

Posted by on Oct 13, 2013 in Blog, Dental, Detox, Kids, Sale | 1 comment

Today is the last day to get your copy of the Harvest Your Health Bundle. 71 ebooks, 4 meal plans, 3 online magazine subscriptions as well as 22 discount codes on products you will love (25% off squatty potty!!!) This bundle is personal for me because it contains my book Both: Elixir of Life. Over 5,000 people have already purchased it and are already reading the books and using the discount codes. There is so much variety in this bundle at such a low price that nearly everyone reading this blog could find enough books to interest them to make it worth the $37. If you are specifically looking for a list of the books from this bundle that are good for people on GAPS or LOD read this post. Harvest Your Health eNook Bundle GAPS and LOD Friendly...

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Top 10 Signs Your Family is on GAPS

Posted by on Oct 13, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, Kids, photo | 8 comments

As I was putting the capsule back together last night after taking my tiny dose of my new probiotic to minimize die off I was struck by the absurdity of it all. So I decided I would start a top ten list. Much of it gleaned from my own experience but I think that many of you can identify with this too. There might be a little exaggeration in here but then again there might not. *wink* 10. One probiotic capsule is enough for your whole family for a week. 9. You discover your 9 year olds unflushed poop and are glad that you have a chance to see it and evaluate it based on the bristol stool scale. 8. The vendors at the farmers market exclaim over your children’s love of various vegetables and offer them free samples...

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How to Dehydrate Peppers to Preserve the Harvest

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, Kids, Low Oxalate, photo | 7 comments

How to dehydrate Peppers and other summer foods and preserve the harvest into fall. My family has a lot of food restrictions. Especially my 5 year old. She actually will eat nearly every food that she tolerates unlike many 5 year olds. Unfortunately it is still quite restricted. One of her favorite foods is red pepper. Conventional red pepper is one of the worst foods as far as pesticide residue is concerned and so since it is a larger than average portion of her diet and her health is so fragile, it is important that the peppers that she eats are organic. In the wintertime it can be difficult to find organic red peppers and they are very expensive as well. Last summer we got a lot of peppers in our CSA boxes. More than she could eat in...

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Harvest Your Health eBook Bundle GAPS and LOD Friendly eBooks!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, Low Oxalate, Nutrition, Recipe, Sale | 2 comments

This week only there is a pretty incredible bundle of over 70 ebooks for only $37. These books are worth over $1000 if purchased individually but these authors want to get more of these books into the hands of readers and so they are willing to let them go for a fraction of what they are worth. Less than 50 cents a book. Of course you won’t want every book in this bundle, nor will you be able to read every book in this bundle but that doesn’t matter. Even if you only want and use a fraction of the books in this bundle and even if you already have some of these books you will have gotten more than your money’s worth. I had the chance to look through each of these books. With more than 70 titles...

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GAPS Intro. 4th time’s the Charm!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Blog, Detox, GAPS, Lacto-Fermentation, photo | 8 comments

I began writing this post in early August when we began the GAPS intro diet again.  Then managing life on intro for the whole family plus blogging about it became too much for me so I stopped writing and focused on what matters most.  I wanted to share it with you anyhow though for those who are considering the GAPS intro for the first time or as a repeat. ************************************* I made the decision to start my family on GAPS intro once again with very little warning (read about that here GAPS Intro Once Again). (apparently I like doing things like that. Read  Why we started the GAPS Diet.) One day I decided we needed it (especially me and little J) and after looking at my calender realized the next couple of weeks would be the best time I would...

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Lacto-fermented Bread and Butter Pickles

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Blog, Lacto-Fermentation, photo, Recipe | 10 comments

These are among the favorite ferments of my children and me. These pickles are a mild sweet flavor that is refreshing and easy on the palate for those who are reluctant to eat the more sour or spicy fermented foods.  We can’t decide if we like the onions or the cucumbers better. I may just do this ferment this winter just using onions to get the flavor when pickling cukes are no where to be found. I made up my first batch of the summer the other day and my girls kept asking when they would be ready to taste. One thing that I really appreciate about these pickles is that they are done so quickly!  No waiting weeks like I have to for dill pickles or months like I do for sauerkraut. You can start eating these within...

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Nutrition Books that Changed my Life

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, Nutrition, photo | 1 comment

I grew up in a healthy eating home. We ate our garden vegetables and avoided soda and junk food as a general rule. Despite that background I still developed health issues and just thought that it was bad luck and probably bad genetics. Then I started reading some books that changed my perspective.  I’m going to share some of those books with you in the general order that I read them.  This post contains many affiliate links to find the books on Amazon. They are provided so that you can easily find the exact books that I am mentioning and also so that you can read more about each book. The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth about Losing Weight, Being Healthy and Feeling Younger– This book was introduced to me by my chiropractor who was helping me recover from surgery....

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Get Healthy To Lose Weight With My Nutritional Therapist!

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Adrenal, Blog, Cherries On Top, Detox, healing, photo | 0 comments

Today I have a guest post from my nutritional therapist and affiliate partner Lydia Shatney. She has put together a course all about getting healthy so that you can reach the goal of normalizing your weight if that is a challenge for you. Read below about all that her course has to offer!  This course can be joined at any time and you work through the materials at your own pace. Don’t wait though since she is offering a special price just through then end of August!  Lydia or I will be glad to answer your questions about the course in the comments. That said I always get questions about how GAPS compatible Lydia’s classes are. Lydia has done GAPS herself and understands it very well. While these classes are not strictly GAPS classes everything that she advises is...

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GAPS Intro Once Again

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, healing, photo | 5 comments

While thinking about the contents of this post I thought about this quote from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride. “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”  Watch it below. Ok folks here is the deal. My family has been on GAPS for over 3.5 years and we still aren’t healed. Starting a couple of months ago, for the first time, I’m having chronic gut pain that my dr says is inflammation possibly a reaction to a food. One daughter is also having gut pain and one daughter is acting out of control. Time to batten down the hatches and do intro once again. I also keep remembering how Starlene of GAPS diet journey shared that GAPS got rid of her chronic back pain that woke her up after not enough sleep (read it...

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Real Food Book Bundle ~ GAPS Friendly And a Give Away Worth Over $325!

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Blog, GAPS, Kids, photo, Recipe, Sale | 0 comments

Nourished Living Network’s July eBook bundle theme is Real Food!   Welcome to the monthly eBooks Bundle featuring eBooks authored by members of the Nourished Living Network. Each month, we feature a themed bundle of informative eBooks at a reduced price. Since I know that many of my readers are specifically interested in GAPS books, 2 of these books were written with GAPS in mind. Those two books together retail for $28.92 so it is like getting them for half price. The rest of the books aren’t GAPS specific but they will have recipes and ideas that apply in a GAPS kitchen. I also know that many of my readers are not on GAPS at this point in time. All of these books have healthy choices for your family no matter what dietary principles you follow. Nourished Cooking cookbook by...

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