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Coconut Butter Pancakes

My youngest turned 4 recently and when I asked her what foods she wanted to eat for her birthday she said “Pancakes”  I took this as an opportunity to work on my pancake recipe.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Let me know what you think.

Coconut Butter Pancakes

  • 2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut or 1 cup coconut butter
  • 4-8 dates (optional)
  • 10 oz cooked butternut squash or other winter squash (I buy it frozen)
  • 10 eggs
  • 1 tbsp vanilla

If you are using coconut butter skip this first step otherwise put the shredded coconut into a high speed blender like a vitamix or a food processor and let it process till it makes a smooth butter.  This will take 5-15 minutes depending on your machine. Scrape down the sides as needed.

If using coocnut butter warm it in a bowl of warm water till soft before using it.  Blend together the coconut butter, squash and optional dates till smooth (the dates add sweetness, we usually skip them and just sweeten with toppings).  Add the eggs and vanilla and blend till smooth.  You want a thin batter like regular pancake batter.  If it is too thick add a little water as needed to get it the right consistency.

Heat your frying pan or griddle on medium heat and grease well.  I used bacon grease but you can use any solid fat that you like to use for frying.  Wait till it is hot before pouring on the batter. You can test it by putting a drop of water on it.  You want the water to jump around and evaporate pretty quickly.  If the water just sits there it isn’t hot enough and if it evaporates instantly you probably need to turn the heat down.

Make small pancakes.  These hold together pretty well but I wouldn’t go larger than 3-4 inches across or they may break up on you.  I am in the habit of making really small pancakes since most GAPS pancakes are really delicate but these seemed sturdier than most that I have made.

Can you tell which side of my griddle was the hottest?  These cook up pretty quick!

This made a lot of pancakes and they are really filling thanks to all the fiber and fat in the coconut butter.  My family of 4 ate all we wanted and had quite a few left over. I love left over pancakes!  They are so quick and easy to reheat or toast and the kids think they are a real treat and I don’t have to make a fresh breakfast! If you don’t love left over pancakes go ahead and half this recipe.

Serve with a big slab of Kerrygold Butter and some honey drizzled over the top and a side of bacon.  So good!


  1. Patty, where do you get your frozen cooked butternut? I've never seen that. Also, is maple syrup GAPS legal?

  2. The butternut is Stahlbush Island Farms. I get it by the case through UNFI but I think I have also seen it in Whole Foods.
    Sadly Maple Syrup is not GAPS legal. It has too many polysacharides in it. Only honey is allowed on GAPS.

  3. I think I’ll try these out this weekend!

  4. How much squash is 10 oz.? Would that be like 1 cup?
    M. Poppins

    • 8 oz is one cup for 10 oz is 1 1/4 cups.

  5. Hi Patty! The coconut butter cake (and cupcakes!) was delicious; straight out of the fridge it’s like a pound cake. :) I just came back to see if you have a coconut butter pancake recipe, so I am glad to find this. But I’m wondering if something can be used in place of the squash, since I am currently out of butternut squash. Would something like applesauce work? Any other ideas?

    • Yes anything soft like that can be used, applesauce or mashed banana should both work.

  6. Hi Patty, I tried 1/2 cup of store-bought applesauce. I wasn’t sure how much to use, since I don’t know how much squash you use when measured in cups. My batter seemed a little runny when poured into the skillet, and my pancakes turned out rather thin (didn’t puff up as nicely as yours), I assume because of the thin batter. I’m wondering if it is because the applesauce is a thinner consistency than the squash. Can you tell me what function the squash/applesauce is performing? Is it just for flavor, or does it help with the binding? Just wondering if there is something else I can substitute when I don’t have squash. I can’t have bananas.

    • 8 oz=1 cup in this case. It does sound like your apple sauce was too thin. The squash is part of the structure of the pancakes. Any other mashed vegetables should work. I have only used squash so that is all I can attest to working in this recipe.

  7. I’m going to try pumpkin puree instead of squash and pumkpin pie spices for pumpkin pancakes! Looks yummy! Maybe some apple butter to top it off…

    • hey did the pumpkin pancakes work? i have so much pumpkin and want to try it. i think it would be delicious.


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