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Coconut Butter Sandwich Bread

I have been making bread with coconut flour for quite some time.  It is ok but a lot of work with whipping egg whites and sifting flour, plus it uses 7 eggs per loaf and since we already go through several dozen eggs a week just with breakfasts, I often come up short for baking projects. The night that I made this I began craving bread and butter.  I sliced off a warm slice and loaded it up with that new soft Kerrygold Butter (the only kind Costco has this year). Wow was it good! I immediately liked it better than the coconut flour bread I have been making. The best thing about this bread is how sturdy it is. I grew up eating sandwiches on Pepperidge farm white bread almost every day and this is similar in my opinion. The flavor is mild. Not sweet or coconutty. Not exactly wheat bread flavor either but it doesn’t stand out.  


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Coconut Butter Sandwich Bread

Begin by putting the jar of coconut butter into a bowl of hot water to soften it.  This can take 20 min or more depending on how warm your home is.  

Note: This is not coconut cream that you can pour like coconut milk. It is thick like peanut butter. Coconut cream/coconut milk WILL NOT WORK in this recipe.

Grease 5 Inch x 9 Inch Loaf Dish

Preheat oven to 300 F

Put ingredients into blender or vitamix in order given. Blend after each addition. It is imperative that the coconut butter have absolutely no lumps and be pourable before it goes into the blender. This should look like cake batter. Pour into loaf pan.

 Bake for 40-50 minutes or till a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Let cool for 10 min and then remove from pan before cooling completely.  

Once fully cooled slice and eat.  Keep the loaf in the fridge and tightly wrapped to keep it from drying out.

Here is what my children thought of this bread thickly spread with butter.  Yum!

FYI Coconut butter is also called Coconut Manna and Creamed Coconut.  You can also make it yourself with Shredded, Unsweetened Coconut in the food processor.  Make it like you would nut butter.  It takes a very long time so don’t give up too soon.




  1. This looks wonderful! One question for you..There is no flour? What is holding it together? I too make coconut bread and would love to try something different. Just wanted to clarify that there indeed no flour. Thanks :)

    • No flour. This is the recipe. The coconut butter and eggs give it structure. It looks like cake batter going into the loaf pan.

  2. How do you measure 9 ounces of coconut butter? Do you use a scale or measuring cup?


    • Good question! It is 9 oz by volume so I measure it with a measuring cup.

  3. There is no coconut flour in it? It seems like it would be mushy, put your pictures don’ tlook like it!

    • No coconut flour at all. It is not mushy at all. Try it! We love it.

  4. Patty, this looks awesome. Can you tell me what size loaf pan did you use? I have all the ingredients on hand, want to try making it today.

    • Good question. Should have included that. It is a 1.5 qt loaf pan or 8.5″x4.5″x2.5″

      • Did you use glass or a metal loaf pan? My Metal loaf pan is 5 X 9 and my glass is 4.5 X 8.5. So is glass or metal better?

        • I always use glass but that is also what I have. Either one should work just fine.

  5. When I read this, I thought how expensive it would be. I just dug around a bit and found out that you can make your own coconut butter by placing dried coconut in a food processor. Nothing else, just the coconut. Now I have to try this. Thanks for a new recipe!

  6. Okay, I tried your recipe. Mine doesn’t look like yours. It didn’t rise very much and it’s tan in color. I had Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate on hand… do you think that’s the same thing as coconut butter? I thought it was. Also, I used butter. It’s still yummy. I just posted a picture on Facebook with my slice that was slathered with peanut butter and bananas.

    • Mine is light tan. I would think that the TT CCC would work just as well as what I used (the artisana stuff). Did you measure your coconut butter carefully after softening it? Did it rise and then sink? I think that if you skimp on the coconut butter it won’t have as much structure and will tend to sink while cooling. Was your loaf pan the same size as mine? Hmmmm…. I haven’t had that problem with this recipe.

  7. Hi Patty, oh… yours looks white in the photo! LOL! As we established on Facebook I didn’t soften the coconut butter. However, I did weigh it and had exactly 9 ounces. :-) It didn’t rise then sink. I am pretty sure my loaf pan is the size you said to use but I can’t find a ruler to measure. Just eyeballing it though I think it is.

    • It should be 9oz by volume. I’m not sure if that is the same as by weight in this case or not. The flash did make the bread look really white didn’t it. :)

  8. I know this is going to be a really stupid question but how do I measure by volume? I guess I better go Google it. I was just printing out the recipe to try it again. Is it 1-1/8 cup?

  9. Oh, and yes, the bread looks really white! LOL! When you mentioned the Pepperidge Farm White Bread I assumed it would be totally white looking. :-)

  10. OMG! I feel so dense! I just printed out the recipe and am looking at it and I see now that you did put 1 cup and 2 Tablespoons so that would be 1-1/8. Duh. Having trouble sleeping around here again so guess I’m a little brain dead.

    • I changed it since you had trouble knowing what it meant. I struggled with how to best notate that amount of volume and I did have 9oz at first but then after you thought it meant weight I switched it to 1 cup and 2 tbsp. (I also considered 1 1/8 cups).

  11. Hi Patty, I figured you had changed it but I felt so stupid asking the measurement when it was already changed in the recipe. :-) I read your response in the comments first before looking so when I’d asked my question I didn’t see that you had changed it until after I made my silly comment. Anyway… the loaf is now in the oven. Just for kicks I weighed the coconut butter, measuring 1 cup and 2 tablespoons and then putting on my scale and it’s 15 ounces weight. So that is probably one factor in my loaf considering that I had 6 ounces less. Also this time I used eggs that were room temperature, and I just used a hand mixer instead of my blender to beat everything, and added in the baking soda very last and then just mixed for a couple seconds. I’ll let you know how this loaf turns out. :-)

    • I was wondering if you could add the 15 oz (1 1/8 cups conversion) and other weight measures. It might help people that want to use a scale (like me) :)

      I will have to try this on the weekend. A friend is coming over and she can’t have gluten or milk, so this will make a perfect loaf she will enjoy.

      • Hi Skadi, 1 1/8 cups is 9 oz. I have no idea on weights on anything else in this recipe though. Sorry.

        • I think that 1 and 1/8 cups of water weigh 9 oz. Coconut butter is more dense so 1 and 1/8 cups of coconut butter is going to weigh a lot more than an equal amount of water. You are using a “liquid” measuring cup. Milk or chicken broth and many other liquids probably weigh close to the same as water. If people want to use a scale then they need to weigh 1 and 1/8 cups of coconut butter so they know in the future how much coconut butter they will need to weigh out the next time they make the bread.

          • Hi laura, I did weigh it myself and found that by weight 9oz of coconut butter is close enough to 9oz by volume to not make a difference in the recipe. You are right that it is more dense but not enough more to make a difference I have found.

  12. This one rose more. Not quite an inch, but almost. So more sandwich-like to be sure. Thanks for this recipe. Now I just need to buy more coconut butter! :-)

  13. Boy, I guess I’m really tired tonight. I meant to also say that I just posted to Facebook with the photo:

  14. Oh man. I’ve GOT to try this. Thank you so much for posting this.

  15. Can I use my stand mixer instead of the blender? I have a hand blender and will use that, but just wondering for the future. We went gluten free a few years ago and I felt great. Then went back to gluten (out son has a ton of food allergies and low bone density, his dr wanted him not restricted from gluten for those reasons. I have noticed though that the more I eat gluten, the more miserable I am. So time to pull out all of my gluten free flours from the pantry, and my cookbook.
    At least there are a ton of awesome sites out there!

  16. We love this, Patty! We can’t use yolks yet and this works well with whites only (2 whites per whole egg). Can’t wait to try it with with whole eggs some day.

    • So glad! I need to make up another loaf myself.

  17. Hi,
    Thanks so much – I tried this and mine didn’t turn out quite as nice and “bread” looking as yours. Mine is more crumbly or something. I’m wondering what I did wrong! In your photograph, is that bread done with butter – or did you use coconut butter? Yours looks beautiful so I was disappointed in my own. The kids still like it – but I’d like to try again to do better next time.


    • Which photo? I made the bread with coconut butter and the girls are eating it with butter spread on it.

      When I made mine I added the baking soda at the last minute before pouring it into the pan. It was just how it worked out. I have made this recipe many times and it always turns out the same but perhaps I always add the baking soda at the last minute? Not sure. I don’t know why yours would be crumbly. Did you measure your ingredients carefully?

  18. Great recipe. I just made my first loaf using Let’s Do Organic Creamed Coconut. It turned out great. I had almost forgotten the sensation of a fresh slice of bread with butter. I’ve been on GAPS for about 7 months and have a hard time with other nut flours. This was the first real loaf of “bread” I’ve made and it’s so simple to make too. Thank you. I am enjoying your site.

  19. Hi Patty,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I tried again today and now I’m really frustrated becaues I’ve wasted so many precious ingredients. This time, I did add the baking soda last like you mentioned. It is watery at the bottom, so now I’m wondering if my measurements are off. I was a little confused by the “1 cup plus 2 tbsp of coconut butter – by volume) I didn’t know if I should measure it before or after I softened it. Maybe that is my problem? What do you think? My bread looks nothing like yours – in fact, this round is so bad it will not be eating. Thanks for any help you can provide. Yours looks so yummy I want to try again… maybe just one more time!

    • I measure it after softening it. I’m not sure how you would measure it accurately while it was hard. I’m so sorry it is not working for you! What are you mixing it in? Does it look like cake batter when it goes into the pan? Really take your time warming the coconut butter to get it soft like peanut butter so that it will mix well and measure accurately.

  20. Hi again,

    Thanks again for the encouragement. It looks so good I’m not ready to give up!

    1st time: Used all the same ingredients as you, used my food processor, but didn’t wait to put in the baking soda. I did soften the coconut butter quite a bit but could do better. I baked in a glass bread dish.

    2nd time: Used butter instead of coconut butter (flavor like this was good BTW), but this time I used a stainless steel bowl and my hand mixer – adding the baking powder last. It actually did look like cake batter now that you mention it. I greased a metal pan with some coconut oil. It was like all the oils came out after baking and the bread was sitting in (almost floating) in the oils and it didn’t rise. Weird. I’m not usually such a klutz in the kitchen, but I do require very specific instructions (LOL) or things don’t go well.

    With two failures under my belt, it’s hard to imagine bread looking like yours! But it must be possible if so many others are able to do it!

    I will say this: even though this last loaf was nearly green in color almost all the way through (from being soaked in oil I assume) I still tasted it. And it really tasted pretty good afterall. Better than the first batch – less coconut-y (I guess because I used butter.)

    I’ll let you know if I get a success!



    • You can’t sub butter for coconut butter in this recipe (or any recipe). You can sub other kinds of nut butter, like almond butter or peanut butter but dairy butter can only be used for the palm shortening/butter/coconut oil portion of the recipe. I can see why that didn’t work. Talking it through can often point out the mistake.

      • Thank you so much for this recipe!!!! I made it tonight, and when everything was room temp, I measured, and found out I only had 3/4 c coconut cream concentrate (which I presumed was the same as coconut butter; I think I read that somewhere before). I did not read this reply of yours re subbing with other nut butters, but I did make up for the remaining amount using almond butter. Then the batter got so thick, that I added just a bit of half and half cream to make it more like cake batter. I also added 1 T of flaxmeal. I popped it in the oven and tasted the batter on the spatula. It was salty, and I thought I would not be able to use my homemade garlic-chive butter (the main reason I have butter is bread, but trying to go gluten-free makes it hard). Then I crossed my fingers. Once it was out, I sliced right away after checking if it was done. Sliced great; not crumbly. I tasted without any spread. It was NOT salty at all! I excitedly spread the butter on the whole slice. My tongue savored the texture. It was even a better texture than quick breads, although still not like yeast breads. But I love it! I will try this again sometime using all coconut butter. Again, thanks for a guilt-free way to enjoy my homemade raw butter!
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  21. Sorry -= I explained it wrong (I feel like a flake!)

    I actually did sub the coconut OIL and instead used butter. So at least that part I know was correct.

    • Ok. I’m not sure why you would have so much extra oil. I haven’t ever had that happen with this recipe.

  22. Just a tip. Not sure if this is why some of you are getting a more “oily result”. Coconut butter/creamed coconut etc. contains both coconut oil and solids. The oil and solids do separate at warm temperatures. When I received my creamed coconut (which comes in convenient little bags) the solids had settled at the bottom. I really had to knead them to mix the solids and oil evenly. With a jar I would defiantly warm the whole jar, mix it up well with a spoon, and then measure out the appropriate amount. Hope this helps.

  23. So, interesting thing . . .

    The first time I made this it was before you changed the units in the recipe. I wasn’t paying close enough attention and used 9 Tbsp coconut butter (instead of 9 fluid ounces). It turned out great and we all loved it.

    The second time, I realized my mistake and used the correct amount of coconut butter, 1 1/8 cup. While we liked it, we all like it better the first way, using only half the amount of coconut butter.

    Just FYI in case anyone wants to experiment.

    • Interesting! What was the difference?

  24. Hi, I FINALLY got this to work, just thought I’d share the success here with you. I made my own coconut butter from shredded coconut – so I could be sure it was warm and super-well blended. That did the trick!

    In the meantime, i’ve also had a great yogurt success because of your blog. Thanks so much!


    • I’m so glad! Sorry you had such a hard time getting it right.

  25. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the recipe. Your original recipe called for 9oz of coconut cream, which I thought meant by weight, so I used my scale to weigh it. I didn’t soften it, but just threw it into my Vita Mix along with the other ingredients and it worked perfectly. I used the coconut cream that comes in a little box and the oil and coconut cream was separated, so I just removed the oil and used the coconut cream only (for the 9 oz), and then added 1/4 cup of the oil. I haven’t eaten bread for a long time, so it was a real treat! I love that it is quick and easy and will dfinitely be making this again and again.

  26. I know you are probably frustrated by people asking about substitutions, but I don’t have coconut butter. I DO have a ton of cream cheese, and based off the recipe for oopsie buns, I’m thinking that cream cheese would make a good substitution for coconut butter. What do you think? Would it work, or is it a case of try it and see?

    • You certainly can try it but I doubt it will have enough structure to support the bread You can substitute any nut butter that you tolerate however.

    • I couldn’t find coconut butter anywhere so I made my own in my blender. All you need is unsweetened coconut either flaked or shredded.

  27. can’t wait to try this today! I have been making coconut bread using your cake recipe, only with the honey mostly removed. I have also been adding a bit of vinegar to each recipe, as the baking soda reacts with it to create a bigger volume (this is the same chemistry as baking powder). I too throw the baking soda in at the last minute, because if you mix it too much after adding it, the air that gets generated in the batter dispels. Thanks for posting this recipe!

    • tried it! I like this better than the cake-minus-honey-recipe. It is sturdier and easier to toast (which is what my kids like). Now, if only coconut were not so expensive these days….(!)

    • oh–i forgot to mention that I weighed the volume of coconut butter and it turned out to be 9 and 1/8 oz. So your 9 oz by volume was very close to being 9 oz by weight as well.

  28. I’m confused about the coconut oil and then coconut butter. Can someone explain… the no flour also throws me a bit 😉 I’m currently working with coconut oil, flour, shredded etc but don’t understand oil and butter differences

    • Coconut butter is what you get if you put coconut shreds into a food processor and process it till a soft smooth consistency. It is like nut butter. It is also called coconut mana, coconut cream, coconut spread and coconut cream concentrate depending on the company. Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut meat in some way and is just the fat. Coconut butter has fiber, carbohydrates, protein and fat all mixed up together.

      • I also understand if you put a can of coconut milk in the refrigerator, the creamy stuff at the top is the actual coconut butter….I’m going to try that I’ll let you know if it works or flops!

  29. I love it when people come up with real food ingredients that are non gut irritating! thank you, I can’t wait to try it!!

  30. For those of you using the individual Creamed Coconut 7 oz packets, this recipe calls for about 1 1/3 of the packets. I decided to reduce the recipe to use just use one. I use 1 pack Creamed Coconut, 4 eggs instead, 2 TBS coconut oil, and the same amounts of salt and baking soda as above. Turns out great every time. The loaf is a bit smaller.

  31. Just made it, i think it’s good but it’s in my opinion no different than a coconut flour bread. I actually think that this one is more ‘gritty’ as in more fibre-like when chewing. And the coconut butter is way more expensive than the coconut flour.. But nice ‘experimental recipe’!! Thanks and i will sink my teeth in a slice slathered in butter again :o)

    • If you make your own coconut butter by processing coconut shreds, then this bread is actually cheaper to make than one using coconut flour. It’s pretty easy to do if you have a Vitamix, but I know plenty who have good success using a food processor. It’s interesting to me that coconut butter is so much more expensive that shredded coconut, since it is really the same thing!

  32. This is a FAVORITE in our house!!!! My little carb-craving GAPSter really enjoys it and I love that he’s actually getting a heap of good fats and not that many carbs! He wont eat coconut oil but then I get to get lots into him with this. Thanks so much for the recipe :)

  33. This recipe looks wonderful. I have never worked w/coconut butter before, so this will be a fun experiment for my daughter and I to try. We are on a reduced carb diet, however, so am wondering if you have the carb and fiber count on this? Thanks.

  34. Hi! I tried this recipe twice and I am very frustrated! I have no idea what I am doing wrong. The first time I followed the recipe and I got a very oily (swimming in oil) bread that didn’t rise enough. The second time I used only 9 tbsp of coconut butter (like suggested by someone on your comments) and it was even worse! I didn’t rise at all, and it came out green (not very appetizing!). I am using a stand Kitchen Aid blender with the paddle. Do you think that has anything to do? Thank you for sharing the recipe!

    • Hi Lucrecia,
      I’m so sorry you are having trouble with this! Are you getting the coconut butter really soft before you mix it? It needs to have absolutely no hard lumps and be mixed till perfectly smooth. Using a food processor helps to prevent that from happening. I haven’t ever made it with only 9 tbsp of coconut butter and would not recommend that. I have no idea why it is turning green for you either. That is common with sun flower seed butter but not coconut butter. You are using coconut butter and not coconut oil, right?

      • Hi Patty! Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, I did use coconut butter, Artisan. And for the “butter” part the first time I used coconut oil and the second one Earth’s Balance buttery spread. I did soften the butter. I will try using the food processor next time! I hope it makes a difference. Also, I put the first bread attempt in a ziplock bad in the fridge, and now is rock solid! I wonder if it is because all the fat from the coconut solidified with the low temperature.

        • Yes I’m sure it is from the coconut oil getting hard in the fridge. I do not have that problem but yours sounds like it wasn’t mixed well enough. I never have any oil come out of my bread when I am baking it. It seems like this happens to the people who try to make this without using a blender or food processor. I think I will ammend the recipe to say to only use a blender or food processor.

      • How long will it last in the refrigerator and wondering if you really need the additional 1/4 cup of coconut oil since there is so much oil in the coconut butter? Mine, like some others, was swimming when done in the oven. I took it out immediately and laid on paper towels to absorb the oil. That being said, it-was-delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    • hi there – I have read somewhere that when you use ACV and baking soda in a metal pan, it reacts somehow and turns bread green. either switch to glass pan or put parchment paper in the metal pan, that should help with turning green. :)

  35. Do you think this would work with egg yolks only? Should I increase the count of egg yolk to balance out the moisture being lost from the whites? I might have to experiment some, but thought I’d ask what you thought. Thanks!

    • It will probably work with yolks but you will likely have to at least double them. 1 egg is approx 1/4 cup so you need Approx 1 1/4 cups egg yolk for a loaf of bread. I have not done any baking with just yolks so if you do make it with just yolks do report back to let us know how it came out!

  36. Did I do something wrong? My bread was only half the size as the picture! It was a lovely texture and taste but it didn’t rise. Seems like I should have doubled the recipe for a 9×5 bread pan.

    • Karen, actually I have been trying to figure this out myself. My last few loaves have not risen as much either and I’m not sure why. I am using all the same ingredients including baking soda from the same box and am making them in the same pan. But mine are clearly not rising as much as they should and taste heavy. One fix, that I may try, is to whip some of the egg whites and after blending up the rest of the ingredients fold those in. But I did not do that the first few times that I made this so I still want to figure out what I may be doing differently now. Sorry I’m not providing a solution but just letting you know that this is happening to me too and I’m not sure why, yet.

  37. The first time I made this bread it turned out beautifully, this time it is greenish blue in color near the bottom. Is it safe to eat? What am I doing wrong? I used Let’s Do Organic Coconut Cream and TT coconut oil. I love this bread but I don’t want to eat anything that will make me feel any sicker!!

    • I have no idea why it would turn that color. It seems like someone else had that problem as well. Sun flower seeds will turn it bright green but I’m assuming you didn’t use those. I haven’t ever used the lets do organic coconut cream for this but I have used it before in other things and it should work just the same as the one I usually use. What kind of pan? Is it a metal pan and could it have been some kind of reaction?

  38. I used three different types of pans, just to test. The first one which was not green, was a normal color. The second batch was in an aluminum throw away pan (so i thought there was a reaction from the pan causing the color.) The last batch I put 1/2 in a glass pan and the other half in a small metal pan which was of the same material as the first batch and both loaves were green. So, i concluded that the pans made no difference. I even purchased the organic cream from WF and did not use from my stock that i had ordered online. No seeds were used and the color was in the bottom half of the bread. Weird. I don’t want to waste any more ingredients but I was looking forward to making coconut bread pudding!!

    • I’m sorry I really have no idea why it might have turned green. Are you making the recipe exactly as written and not substituting anything? How did you mix it?

  39. You think it will work if I beat the eggwhite separately to make the bread more fluffy? And maybe add some vinegar to help it to rise?

    • Yes that will make it fluffier. I plan to try that the next time I make it as well. Not sure if the vinegar will help or not but it is worth a try. I do understand the theory behind it.

  40. I make cashew bread and the recipe has apple cider vinegar and you are supposed to get the egg whites to be stiff, and it rises beautifully!

    • One thing that I have loved about this recipe is how light it is without having to whip the whites. Not sure what is different now though. Hmmmm….

  41. Does it work to use fresh coconut to make coconut butter? I’m talking about the coconut meat removed from the shell and shredded? I have some in the freezer which I shredded and froze. If I throw it in the food processor will it become coconut butter?

    • Janis,
      I think that will have some moisture in it still. You would need to dry out the coconut flesh first before making it into coconut butter I think. Hopefully if I am wrong someone can correct me. Also is it from a young coconut or a mature coconut? It will just work from a mature coconut in my understanding.

  42. Yes,it is from the mature coconut. I have a dehydrator so I could dry it, but would like to skip this step if it works. If anybody’s done this, please let me know.

  43. Hey there, I came across your website a few weeks ago and was blessed to find it b/c of my dietary restrictions right now. I was so excited to make this bread and finally made it tonight. The taste is very delicious, a tad bit oily, but still very delicious. My bread didn’t rise like yours. It seems to rise in the oven and then while it was cooling it sunk some. Its about half the length of yours. I see you are trying to figure this one out as well. I did everything in the food processor like you recommended, and was curious, for the oil part, which one do you usually use? palm shortening, butter, or the coconut oil? I tend to like the taste of butter when I bake, so I used unsalted organic butter, and also used the artisana brand for coconut butter. I baked it in a 9 by 5 porcelain/ceramic baking dish and the top half looked tan, and the bottom half did have a greenish appearance, and I see from your comments I’m not the first person who is having this issue. Strange. Also, I put the salt and baking soda in at the same time near the end and did a final mix in the food processor before putting it into the baking pan. Should I hand mix the baking soda right before pouring it into the pan? Also, did you end up figuring out a way to make the bread rise with separating the eggs and whipping the egg whites and adding them at the end? And for all of you that mentioned you may try vinegar, did it work? Thanks and many blessings :)

    • I have not figured out the green issue. It just doesn’t make any sense! Thanks for sharing though your experience. I haven’t ever had mine turn green. I think the last couple of times I made it I used palm shortening. I probably usually use butter because I like that flavor in baking too and I don’t want it overly coconutty. I know I have used coconut oil as well (expeller pressed). I haven’t ever had it turn green. I always use glass pans since that is what I have. I’m frustrated that yours fell after you made it in the food processor. I was hoping that was the problem. Hmmmm…. Perhaps bumping up the coconut butter by 2 oz may help. I’m just guessing. I don’t make this very often so I last made it in June. We just don’t eat much bread unless traveling. I am needing to make some again and will try soon to see what I can figure out. I have made this many times in the past using other nut butters and I had made it twice using coconut butter before I published the recipe with excellent results. I did do that in the winter so perhaps climate is an issue? I’m grasping at straws! Mine hasn’t ever been oily at all so I really don’t know what that is about unless you did not get it fully mixed. It can be tricky to be sure it is all mixed evenly since the coconut butter does tend to clump more than most nut butters.

      I have not forgotten about these issues there is just not so much that I can do especially since I haven’t ever had the bread turn green. I was going to guess the brand of coconut oil used was the problem but you said you didn’t use coconut oil and used the same coconut butter as I usually use so that isn’t it. Could it be something with the eggs? This is a real culinary mystery!

  44. One more question out of curiosity, what kind of oven do you have, gas or electric? I have a gas oven and am wondering if that could be the cause of the discoloring at the bottom of the bread?

    • Oh good thought! I do have electric. Hmmmm…I hadn’t considered that. Anyone else out there have green bread in a gas oven?

  45. Thanks so much for writing back Patty! It really is a mystery :) Mine was mixed VERY well since it was in the food processor. I used all the suggestions also, adding in the eggs slowly. There were no lumps! I get my eggs from wholefoods, but they were not room temperature as I saw another of your blog follower mentioned her bread turned out better with room temperature eggs. I am curious about the oven! Maybe that is it? Would love to know if anyone else who had it turn green/blue on the bottom half of the bread has a gas oven? Please let me know Patty whenever you do make the bread again whether or not the egg whites being whipped separately will help! Thanks and many blessings!

    ps- I can’t do any nuts in my diet right now, and many websites use almond flour in their recipes, I am SO thankful to have found your website b/c it is so useful to me! Thank you!

  46. Oh and just curious, can you tell me the other coconut flour bread recipe you didn’t like as much as this one? I would like to try that one as well and see how that turns out for me! You can email it to me if you don’t want to post it on your website. Thank you!

    • I made one by Real Food Forager.

      • thanks so much!

  47. I have a couple thoughts about the green thing. #1–a lot of times when eggs are hard-boiled, the outer edge of the yolks turn green. I don’t know the science behind it, but I have a feeling that it is oxidation, because it does not happen when you medium-boil the eggs. I’m wondering if the bread turning green could be oxidation of the yolk ingredient. Maybe the kind of pan makes a difference (I haven’t read all the posts here carefully enough to know whether this has been explored yet). #2–this is a long shot, but we have silverware that is real silver. Actually, it is silver-plated over copper. When we eat eggs, the tips of our forks (where the silver has worn off), the copper underneath turns green. I wonder if your readers who are getting green bread might be using mixing utensils that have copper in them. Those are just my ideas. Hoping it might solve the mystery!!

    • Interesting thought Tamara, thanks for posting! I used ceramic/porcelain baking loaf pan, so no metal there, but the blades on my food processor are metal. I think my food processor came with plastic blades for mixing dough, so I will try that and see how it turns out! Thank you for sharing!

  48. Just wanted to update this. I made it again today. (We don’t eat a lot of baked goods). I made it in my food processor. I started with just the coconut butter and let it go for a couple of minutes till nicely blended and very soft. Then I added the melted oil and let that blend in. Then while it was still running I put in the eggs one at a time. Once they were all in I added the salt and baking soda. I left it running for a minute or two while I made sure my recipe was right and then I poured it into my greased baking pans. It rose super high and came out perfect. I think that key to this recipe working is lots of mixing time. Getting everything really well blended and possibly that even mixes in some air bubbles that make it fluffier. Not beating egg whites or adding vinegar needed. This rose huge! I wanted to get a photo of it but had too much else going on. No green either. That is still a mystery.

    • Thanks for letting us know! I will try this again! Thank you!

    • Patty, I’m pretty sure the “green” and not rising are simply that the inside is not done enough. This happened to me the first time I made your bread and it happened years ago when I first made a cashew butter bread. An experienced SCD cook told me to bake it longer at a lower temperature than the recipe stated to fix the problem. It worked back then and it seems to be working for your bread as well since the second time came out much better than the first. I baked it 25 degrees lower and for probably 20 minutes longer. I still have to try a few more times to see what works best for me, but I thought I’d better get this tip out there for others to try. We love the taste of this bread. Thank you so much!

      • Oh good thought! I had no idea it could be green if it wasn’t fully cooked. Ovens can vary quite a bit in temp so it makes sense that what would work in my oven might be too hot in yours.

  49. I just made this bread tonight. Thank you so much for posting your recipe. It came out so tasty. It did rise in the oven quite high but when I put it down to cool, it eventually fell. So the slices aren’t as large as wheat bread but this does taste better. I did mix it all in a food processor if that helps in you all trying to figure out different things about this recipe. I added the oil first, then the coconut butter, which truthfully, I was hoping I had enough because I was scraping the jar. I did have the full cup but not the full 2 tbs. Then I added the room temperature eggs and in the end added the baking soda and salt. I let the processor run a minute to make sure it was smooth. I am not sure why it fell but I really don’t mind. :) Thanks again for the recipe!

    • I was getting the impression that the coconut butter to egg ratio was equal by volume. Patty, can you verify? I noticed that it seemed the same for your coconut butter cake. Lately I have been using the volume of the eggs as a guide for how much coconut butter to use (since my farmer’s eggs vary greatly in size). It seems to be working out well.

      • Interesting observation Tamara. I hadn’t paid attention to that. An egg is approximately 1/4 cup so 5 eggs will about the same as the 1 1/8 cups of the recipe.

  50. I just started my grain free diet a few days ago and your recipes make the transition a whole lot let scary! Thank you!

    My question is: Can this bread be used for toast/french toast/grilled cheese/etc. or is it best just to leave it as it is?

    • Absolutely! It is great as grilled cheese. I’m pretty sure I have made it into french toast. It will not soak up the egg quite the same as regular bread but it does work. It is really good toasted too. Let me know how it goes for you!

  51. I’m confused about the baking soda. I thought baking soda was not allowed on GAPS??? I could swear that in the book it was specifically spelled out as being “bad” for the gut. Am I missing something?

    • She makes it clear, perhaps in a FAQ? that it is ok to use baking soda in baking since it will be such a tiny bit that gets to your gut. What she disapproves of is using baking soda to treat indigestion/reflux since most people need more acid, not less. I did my first year of GAPS Baking soda free since I thought it wasn’t allowed and was so glad to learn that it was ok in baking.

  52. Hiya!
    Got a couple of questions:
    First, on the ingredients. I understand I can use my flaked unsweetened coconut and make my own coconut butter. I also have a plastic jar of coconut oil. (It looks like shortning, but feels kinda harder. Make sense to you?)Anyway, we like butter flavor best. Thoughts?…

    Second: The Sea Salt. I have regular salt and Kosher salt. Do either of these measure the same and are either useable in your recipe?

    Third: One of the others leaving comments spoke of the recipe for Oopsie Rolls. I have tried them several times. Each time they get worse and worse for me. More of a quiche than a roll. The question is… Is your bread a bread or an oopsie textured loaf? I don’t really want to take the time, and more importantly use up my vital stock on something I won’t like.

    I do not want to speak ill, I am just such a BIG chicken! I know I worry TOO much as well!!


    • Hi Leesers,
      1. I’m not certain what your question is. Coconut butter and coconut oil are not the same thing. Coconut butter is like peanut butter while coconut oil is like butter. Does that make sense? So you can use any sort of nut butter for the coconut butter and any sort of fat for the butter (like coconut oil, palm shortening, etc.) You really should only be doing high heat cooking with fats that are solid at room temp.

      2. the measure isn’t that delicate in this situation. Go ahead an use whatever you have. Unrefined sea salt is more nutritious than either of the ones you mentioned because it has trace minerals and no additives (table salt usually has dextrose and anti caking agents added.

      3. This is like bread, not like oopsie rolls. It doesn’t have flour but the texture is like bread. Truly. Also, I’m going to guess with your oopsie rolls you aren’t whipping your egg whites enough. It can take 20 min to get them to truly stiff peaks with an electric mixer and if you don’t it will make more of a quiche. But even so they aren’t like real bread, just a substitute if you can’t have the ingredients in real bread.

      Let me know how it goes! Also if you make your own coconut butter be sure to let it go in the food processor till it is truly smooth. That takes a very long time. The coconut butter will be completely smooth to taste and it will be pourable. If it isn’t a thick liquid and pourable keep going! This process also can take 20 min or more sometimes. I have given up too soon and the result just isn’t nearly as good.

      • Thanks for answering so quick.

        …So, Would this work with almond butter instead of coconut oil?
        …And instead of the coconut oil, could I use some type of lard, shortning, or butter?

        As for the oopsies, I do get the whites whipped to a peak. They have grown on me to be “eggy”. I also tried a banana bread that had this “feel” to it, and it used a lot of eggs that said to fold in the whipped whites. I should have known. … well, thanks for easing my worries and letting me know. I will definately try this recipe once I get the greases worked out. Looking forward to it!!


      • “… high heat cooking?”
        Isn’t this supposed to be cooked at 300 degrees?

        • What I should have said was cooking although there is some debate about gentle warming of some liquid oils. If you are getting above body temperature stick with a solid fat. :)

          • Now I am confused beyond all belief. Just tell me what to use. I do not like the coconut stuff. I have common household items. I will make my husband purchase me some almond butter. is the butter melted and mixed with soft almond butter (softened until I can pour it?) after everything is mixed, I cook it at only 300 degrees?

            Confused more and more…

          • Sorry I’m not trying to confuse you!
            Yes, you can make it with almond butter in place of the coconut butter and melted dairy butter. Bake at 300 degrees.

  53. Oops, I didn’t quite get that right, I meant to say:

    Would it be ok to substitute:

    1. Almond butter instead of coconut butter?


    2. Regular ‘ole melted butter instead of palm shortning butter (never heard of this or pressed coconut oil either)?

    Sorry to be soooo much trouble to you,

    • Yes almond butter will work as will butter.

  54. Any plans for a print function for your recipes?

    • I have seen that and should look into implementing it. I haven’t had the time yet to make it happen. Perhaps in the new year.

  55. That looks amazing! I’m surprised it rises so well without an acidic agent to activate the baking soda! I’m going to try a loaf next week. :)

  56. delicious! any idea the calorie count per slice/loaf? do u think this is good bread to eat daily? trying to battle yeast issue during breastfeeding.

    • I don’t count calories and don’t think it is a good idea. Nothing should be eaten daily. If you are on GAPS remember that all baked goods are considered a treat and should be part of the 20% or less of your diet that is made up of treat foods like baked goods, fruit, honey, and nuts.

  57. Any idea where to get the coconut butter at an inexpensive price? I just bought some to make this recipe at Whole Foods but it’s $10 for 15 oz, so would almost make 2 loaves. Thanks!

    • I usually get mine from Green Polkadot Box or UNFI. You can make it yourself with a food processor as well from unsweetened shredded coconut. That is likely the cheapest option.

  58. Thanks for the above answer. I was also wondering why you prefer this to bread make with coconut flour. I know you mentioned the extra work with the flour. Is that the only reason or is there a texture difference too? I made some tonight and it seemed like the taste was a bit milder (which I like) but I didn’t really notice any other difference (but I did mess up- cooked at too high a temp and it didn’t rise like it should. I also think dn’t mix the ingredients enough).

    • I think coconut flour baked goods sometimes have a too dry texture that I dislike. This never has that texture problem.

  59. Wow that is a lot of calories and fat/slice! Though I know it is healthy fat, but if you make a sandwich out of 2 slices, it is almost half of your daily calories!

    • I came up with 121 calories per slice. I’m not sure what you were using to calculate it but that doesn’t sound excessive to me and I’m curious how little you eat in a day that 121 calories is a quarter of your daily intake. That said you are really missing the point if you think calories matter much at all. These are nutrient dense calories that will fill you up and give you important nutrition. Not a single empty calorie to be found in this bread.

      • Since you didn’t list teh number of servings per loaf, I chose 8 as the serving size and used MFP recipe builder for the nutritional info. You obviously get more than 8 servings out of the loaf and no I don’t think 121 cals is a lot. And I do understand that this is much healthier and nutrient dense than store bought “bread”. BTW, I don’t eat like a bird

  60. I made it today can’t wait to try it though it is very ugly, the middle is sunk in and it is crusty on the top, but hoping it tastes better than it looks. Thanks for the recipe though as if it tastes good I am happy to have a great recipe for GF bread so I can have a treat occasionally for myself.

    • Some have had the sunken middle problem if they skimped on the coconut butter. It can also happen if you take it out too soon and it isn’t quite done in the middle. I hope you like it anyhow!

  61. I made this today.. It was amazing! thanks for the recipe!

  62. Any idea why mine came out green at the bottom. I see that it burnt; the top was still liquid at 50 minutes, so I kept baking until the toothpick came out somewhat dry. It completely burned the bottom as a result, but when I attempted to slice it, saying I’d just cut away at the burnt portion, I noticed that more than 3/4 of the (sunken) loaf was green inside! Is that the color coconut products turn when they’re burnt? I used an Asian coconut cream in a can, grass fed butter, Nutiva oil and pasture fed eggs. I was upset for the wasted quality ingredients… I just never worked with coconut cream/butter before and am not familiar with the brand I used. There isn’t an ingredient list on the can, so I assumed it was nothing but coconut cream.

    • Hi Dee you want to use coconut butter which is like peanut butter but made with coconut. Coconut cream is not the same thing. The green color that many have gotten with this is a mystery. I have made this loaf many times and haven’t ever had an even slightly greenish cast to it. I have questioned others carefully as to what they did and so far have not identified the culprit for the green color. It is not common for coconut products to turn green at all. Sunflower seeds turn bright green when cooked but not so coconut.

  63. Sorry — I did not use Nutiva oil per my last comment. I used butter and coconut cream… I remain perplexed over the strange green color.

  64. I tried, again; this time, I used the right ingredients. It doesn’t look like yours, but I wouldn’t expect it to. Practice will make perfect. At least it’s not green this time. This one had a big pot belly and ever so slightly sunk after cooling, but my taste buds aren’t complaining. It looks and feels like bread. I can hardly believe I’m eating bread, again! My only problem with this loaf is that it is beckoning me to finish it in one sitting. I’d better go wrap it up before it’s too late. So, I learned about coconut butter attempting this. I’m going to have to learn how to make that from scratch. Thank you for posting this recipe and for your previous response.

    • SO glad you liked it! You may have taken it out of the oven 5 minutes too soon and that is why it sunk. It wasn’t quite fully cooked inside. Or if your coconut butter wasn’t completely smooth it can cause that too.

  65. I have made this numerous times-I have to say it’s the BEST low carb/gluten free loaf of bread I’ve ever made. My kids LITERALLY beg for it haha!! I am wanting to do a step by step recipe post on my blog for this recipe, with your permission of course (and full credit) :)

    • So glad you like it so much! Sure I’d love to see your post about making it. :)

      • Awesome, thanks! I will definitely give you the link when it’s posted :)

  66. Hi There,

    I internet ordered ingredients to make this bread, is it OK to use regular sea salt, that’s what I have. Will it make any kind of difference in the finished product? Do you know the carb count on this? thank you. thank you. thank you. :-) Happy Sunday.

    • Hi Loretta,
      Yes any salt will taste the same. The carb count depends on the size of your slices. You can enter the ingredients into My Fitness Pal and tell it how many slices you get from a loaf to get the carbs. It is quite low but of course an actual count depends on how much you are eating.

  67. Thank you! Great recipe! I tried it today and used ghee instead of butter. Turned out wonderful and fluffy, and just as white and light as it is in your picture. Love!!!!

  68. This looks like a great find, anyone ever try it with an egg sub? My daughter is egg free for a few wks. Just wondering?!?! Thanks!

    • I haven’t. If you do please report back on how it went!

  69. Love the recipe, made it today and like I read a few above, mine didn’t rise like the one in the picture. Same size pan and same ingredients. Any reason it wouldn’t have? I used my food processor and mixed as you suggested.

    • Hi Dannielle, This has happened to some people and I’m really not sure why. If my coconut butter wasn’t perfectly smooth before adding it to the recipe I have had spots that sank because that was more dense. It seems to be very difficult to fix the lumps once they are in the batter. It also could be that your baking soda was old. Otherwise I’m really not sure why it wouldn’t rise for you. I have had it happen to me a time or two and my best guess in those times was that I rushed too much and did not mix it enough before pouring it into the pan. It still tastes good, it just is more dense when that happens.

  70. Made this bread and it turned out great! I made mine in the vitamix after making sure everything was room temp and non-lumpy. That coconut butter takes awhile to soften in the winter! Mine didn’t come out quite as high and I think it was because I couldn’t get all of the batter out of the vitamix. I will try it in the food processor next :) Also mine came out just a slight greenish color on the bottom but very slight. I have a gas oven and I suspect it has something to do with the eggs and being a high temp? Sometimes when doing hard boiled eggs at a hard boil they will turn a funky green color for me. Who knows? But it sure tastes great!

  71. This loaf looks amazing! I live in UK, and I think some of our weights and measures are a bit different, so I want to make sure I get it right! I’ve ordered the Artisana coconut butter you linked to – do you use nearly the whole jar for one loaf, then? or have I got that wrong?

    • The jar is 16 oz. You need 9 oz in one loaf of the bread. A bit more than half.

  72. This recipe is amazing, but I have made it exactly as written with only organic/pastured products and each time there is a green cast to the bottom first inch or so.

    • If you look through the comments you will see others with that issue. It seems to be purely cosmetic. None of the theories that have been explored so far have panned out to explain it. I personally have not had it happen and am baffled.

  73. I just made it and unfortunately it did not work. :(. It was nice and tall and then deflated like a soufflé. I’m thinking its the coconut product. The only thing I could find for the coconut butter was coconut cream. I mixed it until the lumps were gone. There was a little coconut water on the bottom that I mixed in… Maybe that was the problem. Coconut butter is impossible to find here in small town Alberta. Even went to superstore in a small city an hour away and no coconut butter. The health food store had different flavoured coconut spread, maybe that would have worked. I guess almond butter is an option too. Why is it so hard to get healthy bread recipes to work :( Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • So sorry. No coconut cream will not work at all for this. Coconut butter can be made at home using unsweetened shredded coconut and a food processor. It is what you get if you make nut butter out of dried coconut. Coconut cream is what you get if you mix coconut with water and remove the fiber. You need all the fiber in the coconut meat to give this bread it’s structure.

      • As a note of interest, Tropical Traditions has a product called “Coconut Cream” which is actually blended coconut, not the “cream of the coconut” that we would think of as coconut oil, or the typical coconut milk with extra coconut oil added in. In the case of the TT product, that should actually work for your bread. But Karen would have to contact the company to see the true composition of the product. But given the results, it sounds like indeed it is not blended coconut.

        • Yes the Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate is indeed the same stuff as the coconut butter and coconut manna. (I really wish that these companies would just pick one name and stick to it! What most people mean by coconut cream is very thick coconut milk and since the poster remarked that there was water in the bottom of the can it sounds to me like that was the kind of coconut cream she meant.

          • So I tried again last night with puréeing unsweetened coconut in my food processor and it worked much better. Thanks.

          • Great! It takes a while to get it really smooth. Be sure to let it go a good 20 min till it isn’t really textured at all for the best result.

  74. Could I use desiccated coconut to make my own coconut butter? I do not have any coconut butter at hand but have some desiccated coconut so was wondering if it would work if I blitz it to butter in my vitamix. Would really like to try this bread.
    Thank you.

    • Yes. You need 9 oz of coconut shreds to make enough coconut butter for this bread. Be sure to let it go long enough to be really smooth with no texture to it.

      • Thank you. I actually went to the supermarket and got some creamed coconut, and I already have the loaf in the oven. :) It’s risen beautifully and the smell is lovely! Exciting how you can make bread out of just butter and eggs! :))

      • This bread is amazing! Just had 2 slices of oven-warm bread with butter and it tastes lovely. And not at all coconutty. It’s fluffy and so “normal”! :) Do you think it’s ok to freeze it?

  75. Thanks for posting this recipe! I just tried it and it has turned out beautifully. However, it is a bit salty. Do you think it will work if I don’t add any salt? BTW, it is very yummy with almond butter!

    • Yes it works just fine without salt. I wonder, did you use commercial nut butter that already had salt in it?

  76. Hi Patty, just tried my first batch, everything going well until I added the coc. cream. i made mine from coc flakes- was nice and smooth. My vitamix could not blend it- it was too think- I couldn’t get it to move w/ the tamper. I added water to get it to move- well it’s in the oven and I am thinking its not going to do a whole lot. Is there a reason it became to thick in the blender? It was to thick to pour or even continue with the salt and baking soda. Thanks for your feedback, Cara

    • Hi Cara,
      Was the coconut cream warm enough to pour without any lumps? When I make it, it is like cake batter. I have not experienced it turning thick like that. Every ingredient is thin. Raw eggs, melted butter, warmed coconut cream. Some have tried blending before they get the coconut cream warmed enough and resorted to warming the whole mixture it in a double boiler. You have to be careful to not cook it if you are doing this. That is why the double boiler.

      • does the coc. cream need to be thin like water thin? I put it in the blender after I made it in my food processor. My food processor is old with a duller blade- would that matter? maybe I will try the double boiler. Does the bread have a strong coconut flavor? Thanks for all your help, Cara

        • It gets to be about like cake batter. I find that to get it fully smooth in a food processor it takes about 20 minutes of blending. Did you go long enough? No the bread does not taste strongly of coconut, esp if you don’t use coconut oil for the fat.

  77. Hi Patty, ok this time I made sure the coc. butter was as very thin and smooth. Thank you for your advice to do it longer in the food processor. It still became to firm in the vitamix, I had to uset the tamper. I scraped it out- it is like half the size of yours! It did rise and then sank- it has really good flavor. I would like to keep trying- do you think I should use my kitchen aid instead? Also, do you know the oxalate count on it- im sure its very low. Thanks again Patty for helping me! Cara

    • I am stumped. You are putting a bunch of liquid ingredients together. I have no idea why they are getting firm when mixed together. That just doesn’t make any sense to me, nor does it match up with my experience.

      • hmmm, maybe my coc. cream is too thick? B/c everything is going fine until I add that. Would it be a lot of work to add a picture of what your coc. cream looks like next time you make it? If so, don’t worry about it. Would a kitchen work as my next option? Cara

  78. I just wanted to say how wonderful this bread is! I have made it twice now and both times they turned out really great. I had to make my own coconut butter so after I was done blending it up I just used the blender without needing to clean it first. I followed the directions as you wrote except I added 1-½ teaspoons of acv to work with the baking soda and make it less bitter ( I do this with all recipes calling for baking soda). I also used some of the batter and tried making pancakes with it, they were great! Really fluffy “american” style pancakes. My child ate these up and asked for more. I divided up the recipe to make more pancakes for him. The divided didn’t end as fluffy and thick but he ate them anyway and tasted great as well (I used a smaller blender/chopper to mix the batter, might not have emulsified enough). Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  79. I am doing the Whole Life Challenge and bread is on the banned list. This recipe has been a life saver. I haven’t tried it with savoury fillings (roast turkey, etc) but love it with fresh almond butter, sliced banana and home-made fruit preserves. I even throw a little dried coconut on top! Yum! My 5 and 7 year olds love it too!! Thanks for sharing!!

  80. thanks Patty for this awesome recipe! I have made it twice with good results. I used homemade coconut butter & coconut oil & whipped it up in the vita mix. I too had very thick batter both times, it raised up beautifully while baking and dropped a bit while cooling. I think i might have used a little less coconut butter and I just topped up a glass measuring cup. The first time I added the baking soda last & mixed it a bit more – the last time I added every thing together. The batter was so think I only mixed it for a few seconds as I didn’t want to burn out my vita mix. Next time I will measure the coconut butter better and see if I am using less then I should. The coconut butter was warn & I had let the coconut oil cool a bit. The first time I noticed a sort of gray colored part of the batter mixed it like a marble cake – I thought it was because the baking soda didn’t get mixed it good enough. I love this bread with homemade sun butter!

  81. I just made this, and am having it with an omelette. It is very good. Rose then fell a little, does have the discoloration at the base but is still wonderful. After an hour of having the coconut butter in very warm water, I broke out the immersion blender and finally got it very smooth and pourable. The batter was just like cake batter. I think next time I will cook at a slightly lower temp and longer. My question to you is can we put spices and flavorings like cinnamon, onion, garlic, etc without damaging the baking of the bread? thanks mary beth

    • Yes you certainly can add herbs and spices to it.

      Glad you liked it!

  82. This came out great and my wife loves it. Any nutritional info by chance for this recipe? Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

  83. I will start off by saying that I didn’t use this recipe. I baked a cake using coconut flour and it turned out green so a Google search brought me here. I also found this:

    Why do eggs turn green?

    The green ring forms when you overheat the egg, causing hydrogen and sulfur in the egg white to react and form hydrogen sulfide gas. The hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron in the egg yolk to form a grayish-green compound where the white and yolk meet. While the color isn’t particularly appetizing, it’s fine to eat. You can keep the yolk from turning green by chilling the eggs as soon as they have finished cooking. One way to do this is by running cold water over the hot eggs as soon as the cooking time has elapsed.

    So, perhaps because all temps vary depending on the oven, some of our coconut cales turned green.

    Dr. Seuss would be proud only…Green Eggs In Cake!

  84. I was just wondering if you have frozen this bread? and how long it could freeze for?

    • Yes I have frozen it but never for longer than a couple of weeks. I never had a problem with it when I thawed it.

      • Hi there!

        I have been making a very similar recipe out of a gaps friendly book I own. I came across your page because I became curious about storage time. I had been eating it for breakfast (one small piece per day) but realized that might be excessive. I saw you’ve frozen yours but I’m wondering if there is a reason it couldn’t last a while simply in the fridge? I hate to have food go to waste and would love your opinion on how to get the best shelf life. Thanks!

        • It lasts 10 days or so in the fridge at least. I have had it get moldy so it doesn’t last forever. I just can’t remember how long that took.

  85. This recipe sounds very good, I was wondering if it can be made in a bread maker?

    • Peggy,
      No it needs to be made in the oven.

  86. Came across your website trying to find stuff to make with my coconut butter. This sounds fantabulous and easy to make until i read through all the comments. I’m glad someone found a possible reason for the green color!

    So before I attempt this, I wanted to be clear on a few things…1) is the 1/4 cup of butter measured solid or melted? 2) Can I use Ghee instead of regular butter 3) is the 1 cup and 2 tbsp of coconut butter measured solid or melted?

    Can’t wait to try this and use my kids as guinea pigs!

    • I measure the 1/4 of butter solid but you could also measure it melted. I do it solid since I use the vitamix. In a less powerful blender I would melt it before adding it. Use Ghee or any other sort of heat stable fat like coconut oil in the recipe. Any will work.

      The coconut butter is measured when it has been warmed till you can pour it. Since it is like peanut butter it doesn’t really melt but it does get much softer when warmed.

  87. Great bread recipe–my son loves it–it tastes good unfortunately nuts are affecting me too much. Thanks for the recipe.

  88. I was just wondering if you had ever made these in muffin tins? and if so how would I add just the baking time to meet the message times? I made this once before and my husband really enjoyed it and now I’m just trying to figure out how to make them smaller portions for him to take to :-)
    thank you so much!

    • I have but I don’t remember how long I baked it. Sorry. It does work just fine like that though.

  89. Very disappointed with this recipe. The consistency was more like scrambled eggs or a souffle and looked nothing like the picture shown above. Coconut butter is pretty expensive to be wasting on bunk recipe’s all over the internet pretending they actually did something worthwhile…Very disappointed indeed.

    • ChefD,
      I have made this bread many, many times and haven’t ever had it look like scrambled eggs or a souffle. Are you certain that you followed the instructions exactly? Those for whom it hasn’t turned out right have not followed the instructions. Either they skimped on the coconut butter or did not properly warm it before mixing it with the other ingredients. Or some have used the wrong thing and used coconut cream (a liquid like heavy cream) instead of coconut butter (like peanut butter).

    • I have made this many times and it has turned out every time for me. I am guessing that you missed a step or it didn’t blend right. The bread does turn out like the picture and has a great texture.

    • ChefD, have you taken a look at all the rave comments on this recipe? I think most of the users of this recipe are not necessarily looking for a true bread that is like wheat bread, but speaking for myself, I have tried tons of bread substitutes, and this is THE one that I use (being Low-Oxalate also). Of course not all recipes will please all people (especially when it comes to substitutes), but I’ve never gotten a souffle/scrambled egg effect from any of Patty’s coconut/egg recipes. Based on the overall happiness of the audience here, if you are needing a low-oxalate bread substitute, this might be worth another try.

  90. ChefD,
    I have made this recipe and it did not turn out like scrambled eggs….it turned out like the pictures so I think you must try it again and do everything the recipe says and even if it doesn’t work for you–you should not say such harsh things to people who are trying to give us recipes that make life a little more tastier for us and our children who need to be on GAPS or SCD. A little more gratefulness and less pointing fingers seems to be in order in this world.

  91. Here’s my favorite way to eat Patty’s bread – and it doesn’t look like scrambled eggs either. 😉
    Starlene @ GAPS Diet Journey recently posted…Can I Have Chocolate on the GAPS Diet?My Profile

  92. Made this bread tonight in a muffin tin – halved the recipe and it made 5 good size “rolls”….baked at 300 for 25-30min. DELISH! They were well received by 3 little boys who were just so excited to have bread! Served it with soup, and only problem was they filled up on biscuits 😉 The texture was amazingly bread-like….can’t wait to try a sandwich. Thanks!!!

  93. I have this in the oven right now. We are hoping to eliminate grains soon, but I wanted to try this to see if we could have a bread substitute.

    For those of you who don’t know what coconut butter is, it’s also known as coconut manna. It’s available here:

    It’s pretty spendy – $10 for 15 oz. I’m guessing it’s cheaper to make it yourself, if you are able.

  94. Can I use coconut ghee in place of the coconut butter?

  95. No sweetener? No honey?

    • No sweetener. It is not a sweet bread.

  96. I made this and it was a total bust. It literally took hours and hours to bake in the oven and was still soupy in the middle. I put it in the frig to firm up and it looked like gray congealed glue and tasted awful :(

    • I’m so sorry you had that experience. As you can see many others didn’t. Would you like to trouble shoot and see if we can figure out what went wrong? I have made this at least 50 times and never had that result.

      • Thanks for the offer but these were some pricey ingredients and I don’t want to risk throwing another 10 dollars in the trash. I used everything you recommended. I did have the exact name brand but I checked over and over the recipe and did exactly what was written.

        • I understand that. I haven’t had anyone say that they had the same result and this is the most popular recipe on my blog. If I had cooked it in my oven for hours it would have been burned. Is there any chance that one of your oven elements isn’t working? I had one go out a few years ago and it does greatly impact how food cooks.

    • Destiny,
      Did you by any chance use coconut milk or coconut cream in place of the coconut cream concentrate/coconut butter portion of the recipe? Something in a can that you poured out instead of something in a jar that was hard until you warmed it enough to pour like peanut butter?

  97. Patty, I just want to compliment you on your fearless sharing of your recipes on the internet, a place where people tend to be fearlessly critical. I myself am so grateful for your blog and the information you provide, and this here is one of my most favorite LOD recipes!

  98. Hello, I tried your recipe and it came out pretty well. My loaf didn’t quite look like yours but it looked very much like a grain loaf. Mine sank as it cooled but not too much. I was very surprised at how it turned out since there was no flour or in the recipe. My husband loves it, my kids 11 and 6 not so much and I just can’t get past the “eggy” taste and smell. I don’t like eggs, unless they are hidden in a cake. :) I will try agaian and maybe add some cheese or herbs to the recipe. I found out quite by accident that it tastes really good with a little shredded cheese broiled on a slice.

    • Interesting. You must be very sensitive to eggs. I make grilled cheese sandwiches with this and it is good!

  99. really like your recipe though please please checkout what the production of palm oil is doing to tropical rain forests so you can make informed choices whether or not to use or promote the use of palm oil products.

    • You make a good point which is why the palm shortening that I use and promote is the Tropical Traditions brand. Tropical Traditions has worked hard to ensure that their palm oil plantations are not contributing to deforestation.
      Here is what they say about the subject.
      “Tropical Traditions Organic Palm Shortening comes from small scale family farms in South America. These farmers are certified by ProForest, which ensures that they meet strict social, environmental and technical criteria. With regard to environmental criteria, the assessments are carried out at the landscape and operational level at both the farms and processing facilities. These assessments cover environmental impact on the soil, water, air, biodiversity and local communities. The lands the farmers use are not lands that were deforested. The lands used to grow the palm fruit are lands previously used for agricultural purposes (cattle, rice, banana).”

      You can read that by following my affiliate link here

    • nik edney–

      Although she does list palm shortening as one possible ingredient, I am a little worried from what you have written that you are under the impression that coconut palms and oil palms are the same thing.

      Just in case that’s what you think: They aren’t. So it’s easy to make this without any use of “palm oil products.” Just use butter or coconut oil for the oil. (I don’t think many people in the US have palm shortening in their cupboards anyway.) Those large industrial plantations in Southeast Asia that are clearing away the rainforest are palm oil plantations–not coconut palm plantations.

  100. Oh my gosh!! I decided to go gluten free/paleo the other day and ran out and bought coconut flour, and made a bread loaf with only coconut flour since i’m wanting to consume as little nuts and seeds and grains as possible. well that bread is good with like cheese and olive oil but its horrible for sandwiches or anything really cause it’s so dense and hard and crumbly.

    I found this recipe and ran out and bought coconut butter today, which is sooooo delicious, I probably never of thought about getting it if it weren’t for this recipe! The bread just caame out of the oven and it’s PERFECT! In the future I might double it up or something to get a bigger/ taller load but it’s literally perfect! I’m in love!
    Would it be okay if I did a review/recipe of this on my blog if I link you and give you credit? I just want everyone to know about it :)))

    • Hi Lacey,
      So glad you liked my bread! I would be happy for you to review the recipe on your blog and link back to me.

  101. Hi. I am making this today and noticed the temperature isn’t specified as F or C. is it 300 F?

    • Yes it is F! Sorry to be some American centric that I didn’t even label that. :)

      • thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly!!! i will let you know how it turns out!! haven’t had bread in years!

  102. i gotta hand it to you girl. this was the best bread i’ve ever had. so fluffy and flavorful. i ate it with a big smear of kerrygold butter.

    i took the advice of one of the commenters and whipped my egg whites before blending with the rest of the ingredients. created a very airy bread!

    i also love that this is a high fat bread and low carb. i follow a low carb diet and this is a perfect treat for me.

  103. Loving our guts! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
    i just realized this recipe has Zero sweetener
    my Dream come true
    no stevia no heavia and cancer killed rat poison
    NONE! zip…i assume there is plenty of sweetness in the coconut butter

    *stevia gives me headaches

    i’ve been eating spoonfuls of coconut butter for years
    recently went through two jars of the cashew butter
    leaving my case of coconut butter abandoned ignored
    Thank God! Now i can make bread out of her and i hope to
    knock peoples socks off and get them to eat this way
    lots of love

  104. My first batch is in the oven. I live in Panama and my coconut butter cost $16.99 for 12 oz of it so if this works, it will be the most expensive bread I have ever made, haha!! But it is easy to get grassfed butter and pastured eggs.

    I also didn’t realize my oven only goes up to 250 degrees. Seriously??!! We just moved to this new place and I was so excited to finally have an oven (our last place didn’t have an oven). I am going to try cooking for 5 minutes longer than the recipe calls for, then check it, and keep it in until it is done.

    Excited and can’t wait… 35 more minutes to go!
    Rebecca recently posted…Mineral Eye GelMy Profile

    • Well I am dumb. The oven is in C not F…. bleh. I had it on 250 C so I have to see if I screwed this loaf of bread up. :(
      Rebecca recently posted…Mineral Eye GelMy Profile

  105. The bread is amazing! I used the grace brand pure creamed coconut, made sure everything was room temperature, used an immersion blender and added a splash of white vinegar just to see what happened. It was light and fluffy even on the second day at room temperature. No need to beat egg whites separately it was perfect.

  106. I just found out I have an egg allergy. Is there an egg replacement I can use?

    • I don’t know how that will work. Try and report back.

  107. I just finished making my first ever loaf. It tastes great–though a little greasy. The problem was it collapsed on itself. Should I have just let it bake longer? What do you think I did wrong?

    • Probably you need to let it bake a bit longer.

  108. I recently found this recipe for coconut bread on your site. Today I made it and am so thrilled be able to eat this beautiful and delicious bread. It rose quite well and slices thinly or thickly. The only problem is not eating alot of it. I imagine that with these ingredients the calorie and fat count is quite high. I will calculate the figures so I know for sure. Regardless, this is a keeper. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  109. This looks WONDERFUL!!! Do you have the nutritional content/calories/fiber/carb content?

    • I suggest using My Fitness Pal to answer questions like this. It easily allows you to import recipes and calculate the nutritional aspects.

  110. I’ve made your bread a couple of times and it tastes really good. I always keep it stored in the refrigerator. However, after a few days, the bread starts to turn green. ?? I don’t believe it is mold because it has stayed in the refrigerator. Could the coconut cream be interacting with the baking soda making it turn this color? I’m afraid to eat it now, and I hate to have to throw it out.

    • Fascinating! If you read through the other comments you will see that the green phenomenon is not unique although you are the first one to mention it developing later. It is a harmless cosmetic change.

      • Thank you for responding so quickly. I will most definitely contine to make and eat the bread. Thank you, too, for sharing the recipe.

  111. Would gelatin eggs work with this recipe?

  112. Hello, I have made your bread a few times and my kids and husband like it, however I do not. I do not like eggs, and I find that is to eggy. Can you make any recommendations to get rid of the eggy taste and scent? I was thinking of adding cheese or herbs.

  113. Ok. I just made this. OMG! I followed the recipe and instructions painstakingly to a T! This meant waiting for those eggs to become room temperature, making sure there were no lumps in my coconut oil or butter, and blending each ingredient one at a time. Fifty minutes in the oven yielded this beautiful loaf:

    I was really surprised it rose so well. It resembled a nicely risen banana bread out of the oven. Just like you’re little girls, I slathered a couple of slices with butter and enjoyed “bread” for the first time in weeks! Looking forward to trying it with some egg salad tomorrow.

  114. Would chia, flax or pyisllium eggs work?

  115. I just made this and love it! Thank you for your recipe! I made Mr. Peanut Bread from 24/7 Low Carb Diner and really liked the texture but wanted something I could even feed my one-year-old and send to school with my five-year-old. I thought of using coconut butter and looked for recipes online. I’m so glad I found yours. Love the ease of this recipe and the simple ingredients. I even made my own coconut butter from shredded coconut in a Magic Bullet. Worked perfectly and quickly! My bread turned out exactly like yours. Both of my girls gobbled it up. I will definitely be making this again. Thank you again so much for this recipe!

  116. This may be a silly question but I´m making it anyway. This is my first time baking. The question is: which rack of the oven to use, top or bottom?

  117. Hello. This looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to making it soon. Do you have any recommendations for high altitude? I live in Colorado, and normally would adjust the flour and oven temp a little. Not sure how to adjust when there’s no flour. Thanks!

    • Sorry I really have no idea about high altitude baking. I will ask a couple of friends if they know and get back to you.


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