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Cowden Lyme Protocol Deep Discount

Cowden Herbs labeled

The cost of the Cowden Protocol for one adult from the nutramedix website for one month is $285 (free shipping). The program lasts for 6 months an each month products can be purchased for that price no matter what they might cost individually. Some months are a better discount than others compared to purchasing the products individually. For children you reduce the dosage based on age/size. So for my 9 year old I’m doing half and for my 5 year old I’m doing 1/4.

You can purchase many of the products other places online for less than the full price on the NutraMedix site, HOWEVER some products are only available if you purchase the whole program. AND there are discounts that you can get as well as points you can earn toward future purchases if you purchase through the Nutramedix site. I purchased about $800 worth of product for $341 and have $28 toward my next purchase. That is more than 60% off if you include the discount I have on my next purchase. Many sites have the retail price of the products cheaper than Nutramedix does but none of them have the products for 60% off retail with free shipping. Now if you only want to get a couple of products to try out you are better off going somewhere else, but when you are ready to try the full protocol you can’t beat 60% off.

I’m going to tell you now how to get that deal. Your savings may vary depending on exactly what you purchase. To get the discount you need a special link and a code and will only apply to your first purchase through the Nutramedix site. If you purchase through my link below I will get points that I can then apply toward future purchases as well. Thank you!

First you must use this link Cowden Protocol

And when it asks for your discount code enter TAF15

This will give you 25% off your first purchase. Nutramedix checks on this by verifying that your e-mail address has not been used to set up an account that has made a purchase previously.

Put whatever you want to in your cart and you will get 25% off the total.

In addition, if you purchase 4-11 products you will get an additional 10% off your total AND one free product of your choice. This free product can be the most expensive product that you are purchasing so plan accordingly. You add this product when you get to the shopping cart.

If you purchase 12 or more items you will get 20% off your total and 2 free products!  One of those twelve products can be the first month of the Cowden Protocol.

Month two of the Cowden protocol has 12 individual products so if you are only treating one person for Lyme you could purchase the first two months at the same time and get the best discount.

If you get to your cart and go to check out and don’t see two discounts subtracted from your cart (assuming you purchased at least 4 products) come back here and click through my link again.  Sometimes it disappears after you click around a lot.

One special thing about this protocol are the infused bottles of each of the herbs that are antimicrobial in quality. You can ONLY get those bottles if you purchase the whole months protocol as a package. There are infused bottles in month 1, 3, and 4 of the protocol so be sure that you purchase the herbs for those months through Nutramedix and get those months as the whole program for sure. You only need one bottle of each infused herb. Those bottles will then be refilled and maintain that quality as long as you follow the instructions so if you are treating more than one person in your family you only need one bottle of each of the infused herbs to cover the whole family. When I made my purchase I purchased month 1 plus enough duplicates of the products so that I would be able to treat all of us for the first month. Be sure to consider if any of the add on products that help with sleep and other issues might be helpful as well.

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  1. I could not get the 25% first time purchase discount to work, no matter how many times I tried it. I’ll wait a day or 2 for your instructions and try again. Otherwise, I’ll see if ordering elsewhere ends up being cheaper.

    • What exactly is the problem? Does the link not take you to the right place or are you not seeing the discount after you enter the code. Be aware that sometimes you will have to click through the link again to make it work (the items will remain in your basket).

  2. I read your instructions to come back to your website and use your link, which I did 3 or 4 times. Yes, my cart stayed exactly as I left it. It would not recalculate, it just kept telling me it was an invalid code. I finally just emptied the cart and left you a message.

    • The code changed! Try TAF14
      Please let me know if it works now.

  3. Success!!

  4. I can’t get the discount to work. Has this promotion expired?

    • Not it should still work. Be sure to come back and click through the link again if the discount doesn’t appear in your cart. Sometimes the linking disappears but clicking through should fix that. This only works on your first purchase from Nutramedix. FYI so if you have purchased before it won’t work again on that account.

  5. Thank you I saved 201.47 !!
    Pat Shake recently posted…Healthy Child Summit Starts Today!My Profile

  6. It still worked for me. Thank you!

  7. I am slightly confused on the discounts and free products through Nutramedix. If I order the 1st month of the cowden protocol will I be able to get an additional discount besides the new customer discount? The site is telling me I need to order more product for an additional 10% off and free product.

    The second thing I can’t figure out is how to best take advantage of the free item. If I choose one of the most expensive tinctures then I feel that will be counter-productive since they’ll be included in the next month’s set. So, what would you suggest that I choose for a free product?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Teri,
      If you are only ordering the one month kit for one person then to get the discount you need to order other items too since that counts as one item (and is already discounted from what the items would be individually). You can order 4 one month kits or order other items that aren’t included. Some need more of the detox herbs (pinella, parsley, burbur). I use a lot of the noni extract. It works fantastically for me on inflammation. There is also the stevia or melatonin if those address issues you have. Takuna is good to have on hand for any viral illnesses like the flu that you might encounter since it works so well on those. Babuna is another one that is good for sleep. None of those are included in the monthly kits and may be things that you want to try out.

  8. Hi! For someone who has Lyme this is a tricky process! Some questions. 1How do you know what extra products to order?
    2. If I am ordering the full 9 months- can I use one month as the ‘free product?’. If I order 12 products I get 25% off total order using code. Are you suggesting not to order all the months within the 12 products?
    What individual products do you suggest in difference to the full month? Does it work out cheaper? Very confused.Lyme or no LYME! Thank you. Jo from Australia.
    Joanna recently posted…Healthy Child Summit Starts Today!My Profile

    • A full month is not an option for free product. Only individual products. You will have to spend some time doing the math to figure out exactly what to order for the best deal.

  9. Dear PattyLA,

    This is Mary from Australia. Thanks for the code. Very much appreciated!.
    How are your kids doing with the treatment? I am ordering this for my son who is 6 years old and tested positive for lyme and potentially mycoplasma. I cannot find much info about the use of this protocol in kids so I will really appreciate your guidance.

    Tx, Mary

  10. Hello,the TAF14 discount code isn’t working. Is there a new code? thanks!

    • Hello,

      The new code is TAF15. I decided to try the next number in numerical sequence and the last 2 digits of the current year. it saved me $150.00. I ordered extra product and earned an additional 10% discount.


      • Thanks for letting me know.

  11. I tried to use the discount code TAF14 and it didn’t work. Does it need to be updated?

    • The code has been updated in the post. Thanks for letting me know.

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