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Broth: Elixir of Life Ebook


Whether you think broth comes in a can or have been making it yourself for years, Broth: Elixir of Life has new ideas for you. Bone broth is one of the first foods that many people make when they are changing their diet to include more whole foods.  Homemade bone broth is a staple in my kitchen. This e-book will help you to make it a staple in yours. 

Broth: Elixir of Life covers

  • Benefits of bone broth
  • Basic broth making techniques for chicken, fish, beef and more!
  • Broth making using a pressure cooker or crock pot
  • Dehydrating broth for long term storage
  • Special recipes for distinctive broth flavors
  • Recipes that use broth in all four seasons.  
  • Ways to get broth into picky eaters
  • Every recipe is gluten free and most are grain free 
  • Bonus: 3 great grain free/nut free bread recipes!


Forget an apple a day for good health,

how about

A cup of broth a day!

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 Look below to see what they’re saying about this wonderful e-book!

 “Patty’s e-book is clear, concise and the best reference available for the whys and hows of making bone broth. I appreciate her discussion on pressure cooking and I have now changed the way I make broth in my own kitchen.”

– KerryAnn F. of Cooking Traditional Foods 

“Broth Elixir of Life is an easy to read e-book that chock full of great ideas and information about making broth without overwhelming the novice cook. This book is also very informative for those who already have experience with making broth; I’ve been making broth for a few years and I learned a lot of new information. I highly recommend it to any one with any level of cooking experience.”

– Molly K.

“Do you drink copious amounts of broth as part of your natural health regime? Do you make copious amounts of broth to use as a base for soups, stews, and other dishes? If so, this is a wonderful e-book to have in your collection. I’m sure you know the many reasons why homemade broth is so vital to good health. A quick internet search will tell you that. But Patty presents the same information you can find on your own in such a beautiful way. She is clear and concise yet provides many details that you were probably unaware of. This e-book is beautiful as well as informative. The photos are incredible and really make you appreciate the beauty of broth! Honestly, I cannot imagine this e-book NOT being a part of my recipe collection series!”

– Jennifer S. of Hybrid Rasta Mama


Look below to see inside before you buy.


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Unlock the powerful secrets of broth and bring your family

back to health!


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At this time Broth: Elixir of Life is only available as an electronic download, however it is formatted so that you can easily print it out yourself on 8.5×11 paper if you want a physical copy.