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Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil does it all.  It is like a medicine chest in one bottle.  Many years ago I sold Melaleuca Products and at that time I learned about the amazing properties of this essential oil.  It is amazing enough that an entire company was built up around it’s use! I stopped selling and using their products when I discovered that they refuse to disclose all of the ingredients in their cleaning products. I always have some tea tree oil on hand however.

With over a century of successful medicinal use, the scientific evidence of our Tea Tree oil demonstrates its undeniable efficacy as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and germicide, making this an oil that’s particularly useful when working with respiratory infections, acne, ringworm, cold sores, cuts, rashes, chicken pox, and even herpes.

One of the most amazing properties of this oil is it’s ability to stop a bruise from happening.  When my eldest was a baby we would sit her into a bouncy seat while we got her bath ready.  Since we were right there we often wouldn’t buckle her into the seat.  One memorable time she somehow managed to launch herself out of the seat and she hit the center of her forehead on the corner of the vanity.  It was obvious that it was going to be a bad bruise with lots of swelling and I ran for the tea tree oil and immediately applied it, neat, to that spot.  No bruise developed.  There was a small mark that completely disappeared after a day or two.  We were amazed!

One other of my favorite uses of tea tree oil is for burns.  I do a lot of cooking and sometimes I burn myself. I keep a bottle of tea tree oil in the kitchen.  I have learned that if I can get it onto the burn right away it will stop it from hurting very quickly.  If I wait even a few minutes the burn will hurt much longer.

It also works very well on wounds and infections, speeding healing and clearing infections quickly.  It is particularly prized for its antifungal properties and it is good to use both topically and internally to combat yeast infections.  I have used it in a douche to eliminate vaginal yeast infections quickly and easily.  It also works well on oral thrush although it tastes pretty terrible.

Remember that you can join Be Young for free and order these high quality essential oils at a distributor price. Follow that link and click on the enroll now tab. My sharing partner ID is 9896.

For more information about the company Be Young you can read my first post on Essential Oils.  You can also enter to win the liver cleanse Duo from Be Young here.  This give away ends Friday 2/24/12 so don’t delay!

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  1. Hi Patty,
    Could you tell me how to take tea tree oil internally? As well as how much to put in a douche?

    • Only ever use a pure essential oil that you have confirmed has no oils added to it. Be Young (yes that is an affiliate link) is one of the few companies selling truly pure essential oils. Remember an oil can be legally sold as 100% pure even if it is diluted over 90%! Companies who aren’t manufacturing all of their own oils may not even know that the oils they are purchasing are diluted. That said to take it internally you can put a drop on the back of your hand and lick it off or put it into a capsule and add a carrier oil to fill the capsule before swallowing it. Olive oil works well. In a douche I would add just a couple of drops. Again the purity of your oil makes a big difference in topical applications like that. If you aren’t using Be Young oils you may need a lot more drops to get the same result and who knows what they are cut with.

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