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Give Away: Lisa’s Counter Culture E-Book ~$37

 This give away is closed.  Go here to see the winner and the bonus. 

I have the great pleasure of giving away one copy of Lisa’s Counter Culture E-Book.  

This book is a $37 value.

Before I get to the give away I wanted to talk about the book.  I have had an opportunity to read over this book and I am so glad I did!  I love to read new cook books like novels and this one does not disappoint.  The value in this book is at least as much from the extra information that she includes as it is in the recipes it contains. Lisa takes the time to explain so much about each recipe that she shares.  Not just how to make it but what nutrients you can get from the food or how the stages of fermentation work. Fascinating information like that.

The book begins by explaining fermenting basics. She covers Pickl-It jars as well as what kind of salt to get and how to select the best ingredients for your fermenting. Then she gets into the recipes. She covers all of the fermenting recipes that I would want to see in a book like this and then some. Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Kvass, Salsa, Pickles, Chutneys, Sauerkraut and others. In addition to the basic recipes and how to instructions for each of those ferments she also includes interesting variations and twists on many of the recipes that encourage you to experiment and branch out from the basics as you become more comfortable with fermenting. 

Since my family is on GAPS and has had such improvements lately with anaerobic fermentation (Anaerobic Fermentation: Our GAPS Missing Piece) I was eager to learn some new recipes for making those ferments and this book does not disappoint. However, in addition to the GAPS legal ferments in this book there are instructions for fermenting potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice (in dosas). These instructions will be very valuable to those who are ready to graduate from GAPS and include some starchy foods in their diet.  This book only includes gluten free recipes however so it is suitable for anyone on a gluten free diet.

Then there is the second half of the book that has interesting recipes that use these fermented foods in real life meals. She also has a whole section on broth and soups. It even contains a recipe from yours truly for dehydrated broth. (You’ll be able to say you knew me when. *wink*)  She has a little bit of everything in that area.  Drinks, soups, salads, dips, seafood, beef, chicken, offal and even some deserts. I have made her recipe for slow cooker short ribs and it was very good. Something my family would very happily eat again. I’m always looking for good real food slow cooker recipes.

What I liked the best about this book was all the information in it! It reminded me of Nourishing Traditions with the amount of information that she packed into those pages about each food. I am eager to make her Beet Kvass and when we are ready to try potatoes I will be turning to her book to learn the right method.  I love how much more informed I now am about both the hows but also the why’s of fermenting.  

 I have a few recipes that I really want to make soon. The Beet Kvass that I mentioned.  Also, her shrimp dumplings sound amazing.  Her Sweet Breads recipe really intrigues me (I can’t say I have ever felt intrigued by sweet breads before) and I have book marked her cranberry Chutney recipe for making this holiday season. I know I will be turning to this book again and again for recipes, and advice on fermenting foods. I’m sure the winner of this give away will not be disappointed either. Don’t worry though, the rest of you will not be left out. I’ll have a great discount code to share with each of you so that even if you don’t win this book you will be able to get this book at a great price.  

I love using Rafflecopter to do give aways.  There are a few things that are required and some other optional things to do.  It is important that you do anything that you have said you did!  I will disqualify you from the give away if you don’t (yes I do check).  Don’t forget to go confirm your newsletter sign up in your e-mail or it isn’t fully set up and won’t count.

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Thank You! –PattyLA


  1. Great Give away! Hope I win! Thanks Brenda

  2. Looking forward to your newsletter and email updates.

  3. Sounds great!

  4. We shared again on Facebook today.

  5. I’d love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Already subscribed to site : )

  7. Signed up as facebook fan & subscribed to updates–thanks again : )

  8. Oooh I have been eyeing this book!

  9. Hi Patty,

    I’m curious if the cookbook speaks to the issue of histamine production in fermentation. I read your post about making sauerkraut that is low histamine. That’s super exciting! Curious if this cookbook speaks to the lengths of time one needs to ferment other things in order of them to be low histamine.

    • Hi Chris,
      No it does not speak about that aspect of fermenting. My experience is that when foods are fully fermented in an anaerobic container they do not cause a histamine reaction in my daughter. This is different lengths of time for different foods.

      • Hi Patty, Thanks for your reply! I’m looking forward to experimenting. I’ve got my first batch of water kefir fermenting thanks to your inspiration.


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