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Harvest Your Family’s Health with Ebooks!


I know that many of you are not just learning about real food and non-toxic living for yourself. You are also learning because you are a parent or want to be a parent or even because of your pets. This Harvest Your Health Bundle of Books has plenty of information for you too. Even if you aren’t on a grain free diet and don’t want to be this bundle may have a lot of valuable resource for you. I decided to become an author for this bundle after I had a chance to see a list of some of the other books in it. I knew that I would want to have my book associated with so many other great books. I also knew that I would feel really good about recommending these books to you, my readers.

If you would like to learn about which books in this bundle I thought were the best for the GAPS diet and the Low Oxalate Diet in addition to my own book about broth go read this post. Harvest Your Health Ebook Bundle!

So for those of you who are parents or want to be parents there are some books in this bundle for you. I’m going to start out with telling you about the books that help you to take charge of your fertility.

Birth-Control-Unlocked Birth Control Unlocked ($14) This book discusses various birth control methods available to women and the advantages and disadvantages of each including the impact on overall health from the hormonal methods and how to support/recover from that. This book tries to be an impartial source of information about the different choices and I think it did a good job. It does not include information about surgical options, nor does it cover the injectable birth control options. Otherwise for those who want to have options with their fertility I thought that this was a good comprehensive resource.


Eat-Your-Way-to-Parenthood Fertilise-Yourself Fertilize Yourself ($19.95) and Eat Your Way to Parenthood ($35) are both books about using nutritional approaches to improve your overall health and specifically your reproductive health. We know that traditional peoples in the societies who seemed to have the best health and fertility emphasized certain foods for women in the childbearing years and would go to great lengths to procure it if necessary. Our society has not emulated them and our fertility as a society is declining pretty significantly. While nutritional approaches will not correct all forms of infertility it can make a significant difference for many men and women. Fertilize Yourself talks exclusively about whole foods so supplements do not come up. Eat Your Way to Parenthood does talk about vitamins and supplements but does not discuss MTHFR and the importance of activated b-vitamins for those who supplement them. Since that is an issue that impacts at least half of all Americans I’m pretty surprised it did not make it into this book. Otherwise the information seems good and helpful for those who are seeking ways to boost their fertility and have optimally nourished bodies to nourish the children that they conceive.


the-fertility-yoga-program Fertility Yoga ($9.99) A complete yoga practice aimed at enhancing a woman’s fertility and supporting the reproductive system. Many of these poses would also be helpful for people suffering from illnesses and imbalances centered in the reproductive system including PCOS and Endometriosis.


Retailing for a total of $64.94 for these four books. They alone easily justify purchasing the bundle for only $37.


 I’m going to put this book by itself here between the fertility books and the parenting books. This one is focused on the mother for that year of pregnancy and early postpartum. It really stands in between these other books.


From Maiden to Motherhood ($6.99) This delightful book is full of been there done that wisdom about going through the transition into motherhood. There is a lot of physical and emotional work in the transition to becoming a mother that is difficult to anticipate. I thought that this books approach was both humorous and informative and I wish that it had been available for me to read before I had my first child. This book is very much from the perspective of someone interested in and supportive of whole foods and natural approaches to health. Something that many books that I am aware of in this genre are lacking.

Once you become a parent you have different concerns. They include, how to nourish and nurture the child(ren) in you care, what to do when they get sick, how to keep their world as non-toxic as possible, and how to raise them with an appreciation for real food and the ability to nurture themselves as adults and on into the next generation. I think it is a pretty universal desire for our children to be at least as healthy as we are if not healthier.

I’ll start with the books focused on children and food.

First-Bites First Bites ($9.99) This book is about feeding babies and young toddlers. It covers breastfeeding extensively although it is more of a why than a how to book. It also has lots of interesting anecdotal stories from mothers about their experiences in this phase of their child’s life. I liked the chapter on food allergies and how it was handled as well as the sympathetic approach to the breast/formula issue.




Real-Food-Kids-small Real Food in the Kitchen with videos($30) This book is an excellent resource to help parents understand what is age appropriate expectations for their children. There are 10 lessons for each age group that teach age appropriate skills and a collection of child friendly recipes for them to try. Each recipe also has a note about what skill level is required to be able to make it independently.



Real-Food-Hits-the-Road Real Food Hits the Road ($14.95) This book is covering all the aspects of taking real food with you. While her recipes are not grain free the principles in this book can apply to pretty much anyone. She shares her successes and her failures in trying to keep her family eating mostly real food away from home and you can learn from her mistakes. While it is more work that simply eating out for every meal Millie shows how eating real food while traveling can be both an economical and practical approach.

These three real food books total $54.94. Getting them for just $37 would be a significant discount and these books each cover different aspects of raising a family on a real foods diet.


Lastly there are 3 books that can  help you with your concerns about your children’s health.

A-Practical-Guide-to-Childrens-Health-small A Practical Guide To Children’s Heath ($17.95) This book covers many aspects of children’s health, from diet to home remedies to how to know an illness is serious and it is time to call the Dr. or head to the hospital. It also has nice overview of vaccine preventable diseases and the risks associated with catching them as well as some ideas for treating those illnesses.




Mothers-Little-Herbal-Helper-and-Home-Remedies-small Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies ($12.50) I thought that this book was a delightful look at how to plan for and treat illnesses at home using nutrition, herbs and other natural approaches. It also explains some of the risks of common drugs prescribed to children and how you can usually avoid them. It also includes a section on how to know that it is time to call the doctor for more serious illnesses and guidelines on how to give herbs to babies and children.


My-Buttered-Life-Baby-small My Buttered Life Baby ($5) This book contains 5 recipes for making skin care products for babies. Diaper cream, 2 different skin creams, soothing bath powder and massage oil. One thing that I love about homemade products like these is that it is easy to replace products may be allergens with others as well as adjusting the recipes to fit your specific needs. These recipes do not contain any sort of preservative and they also have instructions on how to change the recipes depending on the time of year/temperature (since these contain some ingredients that melt at higher temperatures that will impact the texture of the lotion in warmer/cooler months.) I have learned so much since my children were babies. I had no idea that I could make my own diaper cream for them. They both suffered extensively with rashes and I was always searching for the perfect diaper cream that was effective on the rashes and also did not contain ingredients that they were sensitive to.


These three books total $35.45. If they are the only books in this bundle that are interesting to you then you will save $ by purchasing them separately from their authors. I do want to point out though that there are other books on DIY personal care and some of those books also include recipes for kids and babies. Any of those books would put you over the $37 mark.


I won’t forget about the furry members of your family. There are two books for them, one for cats and one for dogs.

Raw-Fed-Cats-small Raw Fed Cats: Feeding Your Cats a Diet of Whole Raw Foods ($9.99). This book explains why cats should be eating whole raw foods (not ground meat and not commercial pet food) and how to transition them and feel confident that you are feeding them a nutritionally complete diet.




Dog-Yoga-with-The-Lightfoot-Way Dog Yoga with the Lightfood Way ($10). This book explains how to do yoga with your dog and why it is beneficial for both of you.


$19.99 for those who are exclusively interested in information specifically about pets. You would be better off purchasing the books individually if these are the only books in this bundle that appeal to you.




If you put together all of the books from today’s post that is a total of $182.31. As you can see even if you are only interested in half of the information available in this aspect of this bundle it is a steal at only $37 for all of it. Plus there are many more books than the ones I mentioned here. Not to mention the many discounts that you become eligible for when you purchase the bundle as well.

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Many of my blog posts contain affiliate links. Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It is a bit like leaving a tip for service and is very much appreciated.
Thank You! –PattyLA

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