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Harvest Your Health eBook Bundle GAPS and LOD Friendly eBooks!


This week only there is a pretty incredible bundle of over 70 ebooks for only $37. These books are worth over $1000 if purchased individually but these authors want to get more of these books into the hands of readers and so they are willing to let them go for a fraction of what they are worth. Less than 50 cents a book. Of course you won’t want every book in this bundle, nor will you be able to read every book in this bundle but that doesn’t matter. Even if you only want and use a fraction of the books in this bundle and even if you already have some of these books you will have gotten more than your money’s worth.

I had the chance to look through each of these books. With more than 70 titles this has been no small feat but I have at least glanced through most of them. I focused on the ones that I thought would appeal to my readers. I know that many of you are eating grain free either GAPS or Paleo and there are quite a few of you eating a Low Oxalate Diet as well. Most of these books are Paleo focused, many are also appropriate for GAPS and some are even ok for the LOD. In today’s post I share with you a little bit about each ebook and what I liked about it. I also say if the book will work on GAPS, SCD, Paleo or LOD.

2broth-elixir-of-life-125 Broth: Elixir of Life $12.97 GAPS/SCD, Paleo, LOD

I hope that many of you have heard of this book that I wrote. It is all about bone broth. How to make it, how to use it in recipes and just how great it is for your health. This super food is super easy to make and include in your diet and super important for anyone who wants to achieve and maintain good health.


30-Day-MOCK-Cover-700x861 30 Day Intro to Paleo. $20 GAPS, Paleo, SCD

This book has 89 recipes in it that cover everything from breakfast to dessert. Of those recipes only 9 weren’t GAPS compliant as written. I also thought that these recipes had unique flavor combinations and not a lot of complicated recipes or techniques. They also have a menu plan for using these recipes for anyone starting out on Paleo eating. Since most of these recipes are also GAPS compliant someone who is wanting to start GAPS but overwhelmed by the transition from a SAD diet could use this plan to switch to a full GAPS diet in a fairly simple way. Then from this you could move on to intro at a later date. I personally recommend that anyone who is still eating grains should switch to the full GAPS diet first and then do intro after 6-12 weeks on full GAPS.


Gluten+Free+Pancakes+eBook Gluten Free Pancakes $4.99 GAPS, Paleo, SCD, LOD

This book has over 20 recipes for pancakes. Most are made with coconut flour. 12 of them are also low oxalate as written or if you follow LOD principles (like choose blueberries for the berry pancakes). Of course use honey to sweeten to make them GAPS/SCD legal as well.




Ok just those 3 books get me up to $37.96. That is already more than the cost of this bundle and there are many more books to go!  Are you ready to …..

Buy Now!

Not yet?  Ok here are some more recipe books for you.

Grain-Free-Lunch-Box-Cover-194x300 Grain Free Lunchbox $9.95 GAPS, Paleo, LOD, SCD, Nut Free, Dairy Free

This is an excellent book for anyone who is having to make a grain free lunch for a child away from home. Especially if your child goes to a nut free/peanut free school. Many parents whose kids are on a grain free diet rely on nuts for baked goods and treats. They feel a lot of distress about their children needing to have nut free lunches at school while appreciating that it may be a life or death issue for a classmate. This book gives lots of ideas on how children can have fun, balanced meals at school while being grain, nut, and dairy free. It even has some kid approved recipes that could be used on GAPS intro for lunches away from home!


3D-baking-coconut-flour-125 Baking with Coconut Flour $18.95 GAPS, Paleo, LOD, SCD, Nut Free, Dairy Free

This book is mostly a how to book about how to use this tricky flour to make moist and delicious baked goods. Starlene explains how to store and use this flour as well as how to convert your favorite wheat flour recipes to coconut flour (and how to tell if this is possible). Coconut is low oxalate, not a nut and GAPS/SCD legal. My family makes nearly all of our baked goods from coconut flour and coconut butter.


KaleCover-lowjpg1-230x300 Crazy for Kale $5.99 GAPS/SCD, Paleo, LOD

This ebook is not specifically grain free but most of the recipes are anyhow. Of the 40 recipes 29 are GAPS legal as written and about 20 of them are or can be easily converted to Low Oxalate. Just be sure to always use Dinosaur Kale for the lowest oxalate version of the recipes you choose.



Ok that puts us to $52.85 for those looking for books with low oxalate recipes to try and $72.85 for those on GAPS. And there are lots more to go!


back-to-school-cookbook-728x942 Back to School Slow Cooker $4.99 GAPS/SCD Paleo LOD

This book contains 6 recipes for slow cooker meals that you can prepare in advance and freeze till you are ready to use them. Each recipe makes 2 meals. The book divides the meals into 2 prep sessions so you make 6 meals at a time using 3 recipes. For GAPS there are a few modifications that need to be made. The sweet potatoes need to be replaced with winter squash (and recognize that it will give off more moisture than sweet potatoes.) Parsnips can be replaced with more carrots. Maple syrup can be replaced with honey. There is also the issue that half of the recipes contain fruit which some people don’t think should be eaten with meat. For LOD there are more issues with veggies needing to be replaced (turnips, onion, kohlrabi, and winter squash can replace the carrots, sweet potatoes and celery). Spices are also an issue that needs to be considered with these recipes and the amounts reduced or replaced with lower oxalate choices. Extracts are usually low oxalate and since most fats are low oxalate it is assumed that essential oils are low oxalate. Remember to only ever use food grade essential oils in cooking. I use and prefer the Be Young oils myself.


media_handler Fast Paleo Top 100 of 2012 $14.97 GAPS/SCD, Paleo, LOD

This is a collection of favorite paleo Recipes from a variety of paleo bloggers. Many are GAPS legal but you need to know what to look for. It also comes with some smaller Top 10 ebooks. The cookies one is not GAPS legal at all, the muffins are mostly GAPS legal but all have almond flour and aren’t LOD. The ice cream and smoothie recipes however are much more promising with most being GAPS and LOD!



Paleo.Cookbook.Snack_.Cover_-217x300 Paleo Snack Recipe Book $17 GAPS/SCD, Paleo, LOD

I loved the ideas in this book. Lots of interesting snack ideas and ways to turn a ho hum snack into something special with just a little change (like the salt and vinegar kale chips!). There are even quite a few ideas that will work on a LOD as is or with minor tweaking! Snacks are something that I always find frustrating on GAPS and this book has certainly inspired me with new ideas!




Paleo-Recipes-Every-Day-Cov Paleo Everyday $8.99 Paleo GAPS/SCD LOD

This book has 70 “every day” type recipes. Most of them are GAPS/SCD legal. Many are also LOD. I’m especially intrigued by the Apple Pie “Oatmeal” recipe (GAPS/SCD, LOD) and look forward to trying it as soon as we are off intro.




PaleoCookbook_Cover_Sept29_small Well Fed $14.95 GAPS/SCD Paleo, GAPS/SCD, LOD

This book is written by a chef and it is as much about how to meal plan and make cooking good food easy as it is about recipes. Lots of great tips for anyone on a diet that requires cooking from scratch. Most of the actual recipes are also GAPS and many can be modified to make them LOD as well. This certainly has a “foodie” flavor to it. Perfect for anyone who is bored with their typical menu.


4718935_orig Paleo Chocolate $4.99 GAPS Paleo

This book could just as truthfully be called GAPS chocolate. I did not see any recipes that were not GAPS legal. Remember that on GAPS chocolate is an advanced food only to be eaten when digestive symptoms are gone. Also chocolate is never allowed on SCD or LOD.




primal-tightwad Primal Tightwad $14.95 GAPS/SCD, Paleo, LOD

This book is excellent for anyone eating a real foods diet. It is particularly good for anyone eating grain free. This book talks about how to eat a grain free diet for less than a typical SAD diet. It talks about how to get the healthiest foods for the best prices including ideas for those in apartments and with other space constraints.




cover-image-drop-shadow The Modern No Nonsense Guide To Paleo $10 Paleo, GAPS/SCD, LOD

This book is all about how to transition your life to eating grain free. It talks about how to grocery shop, how to set up your kitchen, esp if everyone living in your home isn’t on the same diet and how to plan lunches and snacks away from home.


Ok I’m going to stop there for today. So far all of these books together are worth more than $160! For a complete list of all of the books available in this bundle. There are several more recipe books including 2 ice cream books, one book with 150 smoothie recipes, and two books devoted to cooking vegetables. Many of the recipes in these books are also grain free and GAPS or LOD legal. Later this week I’ll share about some of the other great books in this bundle.



If you are ready to buy and don’t need any more details about all that you will get



  1. I’m new to all of this I would really like to learn more and oder do I become a member? Thanks for all your great work..

    • This sale is now over however the books are all available from the individual authors.


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