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HealThy Mouth Summit Upgrade

I’m sure some of my readers are wondering why I’m talking so much about this Dental Summit. The fact is that your oral health impacts the health in the rest of your body. In fact is that 98% of people suffer from some sort of oral disease. So pretty much everyone reading this blog has some improvement that you can gain in this area. I knew that to be true but this past summer I got to live it when I got my cavitations cleaned out by my dentist.  I wrote several posts on the subject starting with Cavitations and my Dental Health.  Getting those dealt with had a huge impact on my health and stamina. My family could not believe how much energy I had when I visited them in August. I was like a new person.  

However I still have a way to go.  Next up for me is getting my mercury amalgam fillings removed.  I had that scheduled for early January but changed it so that I could get all the information in this summit and I am very glad that I did.  The information that I have gathered and continue to gather is invaluable.  I feel much more informed and able to make good decisions about how to go about this to maximize my healing and minimize my exposure and risks.  

I knew before the summit even began that I wanted to acquire the upgrade package. I knew that 1 week to take it all in was not going to be enough.  I got my upgrade package several days ago and have been reading the transcripts from the talks and gleaning so much great information from them.  I will be spending the next couple of weeks taking notes and making plans for how to optimize my health when I get my amalgams out next month.

Thankfully these talks are all recorded and available for purchase by anyone! You get not only the video presentation but also an audio file (I have downloaded one to my android phone and it works great!).  Also all of the talks have been transcribed and the transcripts are included in the package.  Plus the Q&A sessions where your (and my) questions were answered by the experts.  If you missed those (I only made it to one) you really missed out!  But if you buy the upgrade you can get it all.

What is this worth?  Well those 3 things, 21 videos, 21 audio files, and 500 pages of transcripts are worth about $391 and is being offered for just $79.

But that’s not all you get!  There are also 7 bonuses worth $19-$29 each!

  1. 10 Tips for Detoxing Mercury by Alison Adams
  2. Root Canal Chapter from Whole Body Dentistry by Mark Beriner
  3. Questions to Ask Your Dentist by Will and Susan Revak
  4. A month of Grain Free Meal Plans  from Katie, The Wellness Mama
  5. Diminishing Oral Health… What is at the Heart of the Matter?By Jon Cotter, MD, OMD, LAc
  6. When Conventional Dentistry is Necessary by John Sorrentino, DMD
  7. The Impact of Nasal Breathing on Oral Health by Melinda Nelson, certified Buteyko breathing method trainer

 It is still only $79 but that price won’t last long.  Soon it will be going up so don’t delay!  Click below to read more about these bonuses and purchase your copy of all these great presentations!

If you are still unsure if this package has anything to offer you read through this list of information that is available in this summit.

If after reviewing this checklist you find that you missed some of the materials, remember that you can upgrade for less than the cost of one dental visit.  Knowledge is power!

On fluoride:

~  Steps you can take to reduce your exposure to fluoride
~  How to water a garden to make sure the plants don’t uptake fluoride from the municipal fluoridated water.
~  Which bottled waters don’t contain fluoride
~  Why eating processed foods may contain significant fluoride in them
~  What popular drink is LOADED with fluoride (most people consider it healthy!)
~  What you can do to lower the damage that fluoride does in the body
~  What to use in place of toothpaste!

On mercury:

~  What options you have if you are pregnant or nursing and have mercury fillings
~  What products and foods help to detox mercury from the body
~  How to determine if a dental office is really mercury safe!
~  The top 10 ways to detox mercury from the body

On diet to heal tooth decay:

~  The 2 main foods to eat to reduce our risk of decay by 40%
~  The powerful feedback tool to determine if a food we eat is irritating our immune system or is compatible with our body.
~ The two foods that increase our risk of tooth decay and ill health
~ The formula for how to raise cavity free kids
~ How to analyze a daily diet to determine what we’re missing
What foods to make sure we’re eating if we are told we have a cavity

On oral hygiene:

~  What to put on a child’s teeth if they have baby tooth decay to substantially lower the risk of decay (ps, it’s not fluoride!)
~  Why flossing may be causing more harm than good and what to do about it
~  How brushing the teeth helps but is secondary to other more important ways to stop tooth decay!

On holistic oral health:

~  Whether oil pulling will help with oral health issues.
~  What 3 pieces must be in place to live a life free of tooth decay (food is only one!)
~  What minerals may be too high and be causing problems in your mouth
~  How to know if you are detoxing too fast
~  What the color of the tongue says about internal health
~  Why what’s going on in the mouth directly impacts whole body health
~  The simple yet powerful technique to determine if a product will help or harm us

On existing dental procedures:

~  What are ALL your options if you have a root canal
~  What to do if you are told you need a root canal
~  What options exist if you have crowns with metal in them
~  What questions to ask a dentist to make sure they are actually able to help

On nontoxic, whole being dentistry:

~  New dental protocols that can help remineralize teeth
~  How to find a dentist that goes for the drill as a last resort!
~  The various methods how we can determine whether a dental filling material is compatible with our unique body chemistry.
~  The role of dental metals in cancer and other diseases (and what to do about it!)
~  Why the sequence we have fillings changed in can have drastic health consequences

If you find that you missed some of these answers, consider upgrading.  Click here to see what the HealThy Mouth World Summit upgrade package includes!

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