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Intro to essential oils and Mint EO

Essential oils are something that I am wanting to learn more about.  I have used them in a limited way for years. Tea Tree oil on cuts, bruises and burns, lavender oil to encourage sleep, eucalyptus oil for congestion, and some other blends for various issues. I mostly relied on others to guide me in using these oils and haven’t ventured very deeply into understanding them. I also didn’t have a lot of respect for how powerful they are until recently.

This past summer, while I was trying to find another way to attack my youngest’s parasite issue, I came across the idea that essential oils can work on it. I spent a while trying to figure out just what to buy when I discovered the company Be Young. One thing that I absolutely love about Be Young is that there is no purchase requirement! It is free to become a distributor. There is no welcome kit to buy or anything. I joined and immediately was able to purchase the oils that I wanted at a discount price. Awesome! And I was not pressured to participate in the money making part of the company. It is there for those who want it but if you just want to buy high quality essential oils at a discount price that is just fine. I bought (among others) an oil that works on parasites called Tic a Boo.The Tic A Boo had a huge impact on us from the first drop (read strong die off) and I am now very respectful of the power of essential oils.

I recently purchased the M.A.P. Constituent Guidebook from Be Young and am learning so much about essential oils. One fact, that I was disturbed to learn, was that the FDA allows an essential oil to be sold as 100% pure even if it is diluted up to 98%! That dilution can be with anything and it doesn’t have to be listed on the package. So if you are purchasing an essential oil you have no way of knowing just how much essential oil is actually in that bottle unless you get it from a company like Be Young that guarantees that their oils are not diluted. The fact is that essential oils are expensive to produce so there is big motivation for some producers to dilute the product that they sell to you and claim that it is pure. Since they are very powerful, even diluted, it is impossible to know, without testing, if you are actually getting what you think you are getting. That is why, although you can find “pure essential oils” that are much less expensive than Be Young‘s oils, it may be that those oils are diluted and sold as pure. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Today I want to talk about Peppermint Essential Oil.  Be Young sells this and it is part of their daily liver cleanse. The recommendation is to take 1/2 a fresh lemon and juice it and then add one drop lemon eo and one drop peppermint eo and drink it first thing in the morning. I have been doing this for a bit and I really enjoy it, although it is strong. I have noticed an improvement in my digestion of fats since I started doing this and, well, an improvement in fat digestion and bile flow means an improvement in constipation. Yay! So today I was really dragging after breakfast and the peppermint eo kept calling to me so I sniffed the bottle of it. It immediately gave me a lift! Later on I was dragging again and again a sniff woke up my groggy brain. So I took and put a drop on the collar of my shirt and now I am getting whiffs of it continuously. This is really working to help and clear my head and give me a little boost.  (It isn’t a miracle worker, today is still a very low energy day with lots of aches and pains but just clearing my head is a big help).

I turned to my M.A.P. book and in one of the side bars I learned.

 “Our Peppermint essential oil is extremely potent; a single drop is therapeutically equal to multiple cups of peppermint tea.  Also, adding one drop of Be Young Essential Oils Pepperming oil to your water will help to better satiate the cells and thus maintain proper hydration levels within your body.  Lastly, our peppermint oil has the exact same frequency as the brain.

The book also lists the various body systems and a primary, secondary and tertiary body system that each essential oil and blend that Be Young sells targets. For peppermint primary was the digestive system, secondary was the nervous system(brain!) and tertiary was the circulatory system.  No wonder it makes me feel better!

A little note about essential oils. If you purchase them from a pure source like Be Young nearly all of them can be ingested and used topically. Some care should be used by pregnant women and on young children with some of the oils.  Peppermint is one that can raise the blood pressure and cause contractions in pregnant women so a trial with just sniffing it is advised for pregnant women and those with high blood pressure and if it is too strong spearmint can be used in it’s place.

If an essential oil is used topically and you experience a skin reaction dilute it on the skin by rubbing in a carrier oil. That will be much more effective than trying to wash it off with water.

If you would like to join Be Young for free I would appreciate it if you would join up under my distributor number. You will get a big discount and I will get a benefit when you order.  My sharing partner ID is 9896.  Just enter that when it asks.  Let me know if you have any questions about the process. 

Be Young Website

It is my plan to highlight more essential oils in the months to come.  Is there an essential oil that you have experience with and use regularly or is there one that you have questions about?  Leave that information in the comments and I will prioritize the oils I highlight based on what people want to know about.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through an affiliate link allows me to keep blogging and sharing what I learn with you. It is a bit like leaving a tip for service that doesn’t cost you anything and is very much appreciated.
Thank You! –PattyLA


  1. I'm wondering what you think about liver cleansing in general while breastfeeding. I think I have liver congestion, and should probably address that, but am nervous for the breastfeeding part.

    I've used the eucalyptus for congestion (worked sooo well!), and some others. I really like lemon for sore throats. I just put a few drops in some water, gargle, and spit (or swallow).

  2. This is really fascinating, Patty! I am also interested in learning more about essential oils but have yet to do any research on them. I'm happy to see you're writing on this topic. I'll be looking forward to your posts.

  3. I just started with EOs. I've been purchasing through Young living. I've been in love with Lemon oil in my water. I love diffsuing them as well. Thieves has been of great help as well. I can't wait to see what else you post. I had no idea peppermint was so useful! I've heard it can be drying to mamas milk..wonder if that's true. My DDs digestion is sluggish wonder how I could get her to take it.

    • Removed by author

      • Can you back up what you say with proof? Has there been a non biased party that has investigated this? I have used YL oils for years and have never heard this and have had great results with them. I have also in a pinch while out of town bought oils from health foods stores that smell so unpure. The peppermint I bought smelled like candy. It made me sick to my stomach to smell it. Always learning! Thank you!

        • Hi Nancy,
          What is it that you want me to back up with proof? The idea that some oils are sold as pure but are in fact diluted? France exports much more lavender oil than it produces. Either it is magic or there is some dilution going on there.

          • And does YL lavender oil come from France? I thought they had their own lavender fields in Utah. I’m sorry I don’t see the connection.

          • The best lavender in the world comes from France. It has the right climate for growing it. That is why I mentioned it. I have not said anything in my post about Young Living. I’m not sure what you are asking. Could you ask it again? I was guessing as to what you were asking me for proof of and apparently I guessed wrong.

          • I can see the confusion. Sorry. You mentioned in a post earlier 8/30/12 that you do not recommend YL oils because they dilute their oils and sell them as pure. I was curious where you found that info. Thanks!

          • When I see a comment come in I do not see the context, just the comment and the post that it is linked to. Now I see what I said. I can’t back that up and I probably should not have posted it. It is simply hearsay from people who I have spoken with who have worked with both companies. It is true that they can sell it as pure and not label it, but as to if they do that or not I can’t say with certainty since I have not seen scientific proof one way or the other. In fact such proof would be extremely difficult to come by. I trust my source but I can’t expect others to trust it just because I said so. I will take that reference down because it is hearsay and I have an obligation to only share what I know to be true.

          • Ok, thanks for your honesty. I just want to be informed and if I’ve made a bad choice I want to know. I’m new to your site. Lydia Shatney referred to you in a GAPS Diet talk and it’s great to see what others are doing to heal their bodies!

  4. Erin,
    So sorry this went to spam for some reason and I just found it. I think liver cleansing is important, but if you are breastfeeding it is best to do it in a gentle manner. NCM recommends a glass of water with lemon to start the day as a gentle liver cleanse/support. This takes that idea up a notch. I think it would be safest to start with just the fresh lemon juice and after a week or so if you don't notice any problems add the essential oils to it, one at a time. I haven't noticed any strong reactions to this particular liver support but everyone is different. If you do it let me know how it goes.

  5. If your dd won't take the peppermint you can try applying it to her feet or even her stomach. I used some on my 3 year old yesterday on her stomach because it hurt and it seemed to help.

    I think as far as drying up milk it is important to know that, that is a possible side effect and for mamas to start slow and keep an eye on their supply. The nice thing is that you can just stop taking it and it should rebound. I wonder if the wintergreen has the same milk drying effect.

    Be Young sells a product called Spice of Life that has the same uses as thieves. I just love it and it tastes so good! Plus my older dd is allergic to eucalyptus and this version doesn't have that oil.

  6. Just found this post and signed up under your number. I know nothing about essential oils but need to learn. I am wondering where to begin. I have an autoimmune disorder, sleep issues, hormonal issues, sluggish metabolism, and I suspect liver issues. Where would you advise me to start?

    • The place to start is with a the liver support. That is central to all of your issues. The liver is the clearinghouse for toxins, spent hormones, and also a big part of digestion. So get the peppermint and lemon oils and begin doing the liver cleanse that I talk about in this blog post daily. It is very gentle and supportive. Not like doing a liver flush at all. You might also consider some lavendar to see if it will help with your sleep. And get some Spice for Life for immune support. Another one I wouldn’t live without is tea tree oil. It is an incredible antimicrobial as well as being a fast treatment for things like burns and bruises. I reach for it immediately for all those sorts of mishaps in our life and it often saves me from a big ugly bruise or a painful burn.

  7. Thanks so much, Patty. I love and use Eoils all the time. Will definitely check out Be Young.

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