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Last Day HealThy Mouth Summit!


Today is the last day for the HealThy Mouth Summit.  This week has been filled with  amazing information from 21 speakers who all focused on all aspects of oral health.  We have heard about how to use diet and oral hygiene practices to prevent and heal cavities and other oral health problems.  We have heard about the various toxic materials that are commonly used in dental work and how bad they are for you.  We have also heard about how to safely get them removed from your mouth.  We have heard about fluoride and how devastating it is to your whole bodies health and why you should be avoiding it at all costs.  We have heard about root canals and the impact they have on health and about what you can do instead.  

I thought that I knew a lot about these subjects and yet I have been blown away time and again by the information presented.  There is so much to know!  I personally have delayed my amalgam that I had planned for this month and instead am getting it done next month.  I am so glad that I did!  I have learned so much information that I can put into practice myself to make that the safest procedure possible. It has also helped me to know for certain that this is absolutely the best decision I can make at this time and worth every penny that it will cost me.  

If you have not been watching these presentations at all you have one last chance today to see 3 speakers.  I think they have probably saved the best for last.

Dr Julian Holmes talking about the use of Ozone in Dentistry.  My dentist recently became trained in using ozone and has used it on my teeth.  It really does do amazing thing.  

Gray Graham talking about epigenetics (gene expression).  Your genetics do not matter nearly so much as your epigenetics.  Some things are fixed in your genes but much more important is how they express themselves and what you eat and are exposed to can switch them off or on for various diseases.  I find this subject absolutely fascinating and am very much looking forward to his talk.

Dr Hal Huggins He has been called the Yoda of dentistry.  I read his book It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness in December and was completely blown away by all the information there about what mercury does and how I can know what it is doing to me.  He also had great information about how to get it out of your body.  He is covering what can be done now to help you get the most benefit from dental work to what is coming in the future in dentistry.  If you have missed every other talk this week don’t miss this one.  It is sure to be inspiring.  

The week is almost over so if you have missed out on it there is still a chance to see these talks and get all the great information that you may have missed.  There is an upgrade package.  You will get all of the  talks in both video and audio format.  Also a transcript of each talk is available (I adore transcripts since I am not much of an audio learner and you can just skim for the information that you want).  Plus loads of bonus material.  7 bonuses including books, chapters, and even a meal plan for those who are new to these eating principles or who just want some help.  (I love using meal plans when I am changing my diet!  It makes it so easy to really learn the principles of healthy eating!)

If you are ready for the upgrade package just go ahead and click here or go watch today’s talks to give you an idea for what all you have been missing. 

I’ll be posting more about this upgrade tomorrow.  I just wanted to get this notice out for those of you who might have missed out to get to see the last day of the summit!  

PS. There is not a tab for day 7 up on the website right now for some reason.  Follow this link to get into Dr Huggin’s talk and from there you can find all of them.  Dr Hal Huggins

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Thank You! –PattyLA


  1. It’s awesome! I’m so glad I’ve been listening!!! I’d love to buy. Not sure I can talk my hubby into it. Sounds the like the Q & A have been great and I haven’t been able to do that.

    ~ Lynn

    • Just so you know the price for the upgrade will go up on Tuesday so if you want to buy do it now! I have missed all of the Q&A sessions too but they are all on the upgrade for me.

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