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Liver Cleanse Recipe Using BeYoung Essential Oils

This is for informational purposes only. I am not a Doctor or health care provider of any kind. Be sure to consult with your health care practitioner before making any changes in your health care routine. 

The basic Liver Cleanse is a terrific place to start using BeYoung Essential oils. I use it regularly for myself and my children. 

Be Young Liver Cleanse Recipe

1 Tsp-Tblsp. of Fresh Lemon Juice

1 drop BeYoung Peppermint Essential Oil

1 drop BeYoung Lemon Essential Oil

Slowly tip the bottles and allow 1 drop of each oil to fall into the freshly squeezed Lemon Juice. (Do not use store-bought “real lemon”)

Upon rising: Squeeze ½ Lemon , add 1 drop of BeYoung Peppermint oil and 1 drop of BeYoung Lemon oil and drink on an empty stomach. If you need to wash it down drink some filtered water. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything but water.

This process is intended to cleanse your Liver of Toxins. Removing toxins is the first step in allowing your body to heal itself.

Repeat daily for 28 days and then take 7 days off. Repeat. (If you want you may eliminate the 7 days off—test to see how you are feeling). Continue on a daily basis since you absorb new toxins daily.

Alternate Recipe for a person new to the essential oils to keep in your refrigerator:

For the liver cleanse use about 50oz of water, 14 oz of lemon juice and 10 oz of maple syrup (Use honey for GAPS).  Then add about 20 drops of each oil, Peppermint and Lemon.  You may have to adjust it to where you all like it:)  If possible store it in a glass container and shake it up really good before dispensing.  Only an ounce a day is all that is needed.

Caution for Pregnancy: Test a drop on the bottom of the feet first as Peppermint is known to cause premature contractions. 

You may substitute Spearmint for the Peppermint if you are pregnant and Peppermint causes contractions or if you have a challenge with High Blood Pressure. 

Caution: Do not ingest brands of Essential Oils, which do not carry the E.O.B.B.D. Seal of Authenticity for Purity, Safety and Quality as you could become very ill. Be Young Essential Oils have this seal!


Click here for more information about Be Young Essential Oils. 

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  1. Do you think this type of cleansing is safe when nursing or pg? I already drink lemon juice first thing, but I cannot tolerate any kind of mint. Do you think just using the lemon EO will add some benefit? Thanks!

    • Yes I do think it is probably safe while nursing or pg but I am not a Doctor so be sure to consult with your Doctor or Midwife if you have any questions. These are real foods, not drugs, but in highly concentrated forms. You might start with just applying the oils to the bottom of your foot to get into it more slowly. Using that method you will absorb about half as much as you will when taking the oils orally. You could also try that with the mint, on your foot instead of by mouth, unless it is a true allergy. I do think that just the lemon eo will bring benefits although you will get more digestive benefit from the mint too. Another one to try for similar benefits to mint and spearmint might be dill. It is historically used for digestion.

  2. Hi Patty. I just found your site today after hearing you speak on Starlene Stewart’s GAPS Diet podcast (just found that today as well – I’m new to GAPS, just ordered the book, but have been paleo for a year, so hope it won’t be too much of a stretch for me!).
    I’ve been interested in doing a liver cleanse for a long time. I’ve read a lot about them over on CureZone, specifically the Hulda Clarke version. I’ve read that it’s necessary to do a bowel cleanse first, but I’m thinking that it probably wouldn’t be the case here, as this seems like a much gentler method.
    I wanted to know what your family’s results have been with using this method of liver cleanse. What kind of things might I expect if I were to go this route? Also, have you done a Hulda Clarke type of cleanse before? If so, how does it compare?

    Thanks so much for all of the great info here on your site! I can already tell that I’m going to learn a lot! :)

    • This is a very gentle liver support process. Most people will not have a healing crisis from it and this is the sort of thing that you can and should continue daily for the rest of your life. (unless you get to move to a pristine alpine meadow and eat only biodynamic foods you raise yourself). We continue to be bombarded with toxins and need to continue to process them in our livers.
      I have not done the Hulda Clark cleanse. I assume it is a parasite cleanse? This is a different approach. We have been consistent with this for just a short time at present and are mostly seeing detox, not much progress yet. One of my mentors with these oils however has had huge improvements in her health from the liver cleanse. Really astonishing. She no longer wears glasses after wearing them her whole life. Her poor short term memory is now corrected (she is in her early 60’s). Her high blood pressure is gone. It is really amazing to hear her testimonial of how these oils have transformed her life and health. We are just getting started.

  3. I’m so going to start this! How do you get your kids to take it? Do you prepare it differently for your children? I have a 4 yr old who could benefit from this I’m sure. My 19 mo old may be to young for this?

    • This can be used on a 3 month old infant. You just put a tiny drop of each on the bottoms of their feet instead of doing it orally. You can absolutely do the lemonade version for both of your kids. My 4 year old finds it too be too spicy so I think next time I will use spearamint and see if she likes that better.


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