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Cold Thermogenesis Challenge Starts Today!

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Adrenal, Detox, healing, Leptin, Lyme, MTHFR | 41 comments

Here’s a video for some inspiration for you. The ice man takes a cold dip So last week I shared about Dr Kruse and his Cold Thermogenesis protocol.  Step one is putting your face into ice water daily to begin to get used to the cold.  I have been doing it myself for a few days and have learned a few things.  I’m also working my way through his blog posts as fast as I can (they are super dense) and have learned a bunch from that as well. First I’ll review. You need to dip your face in 50 degree water once a day.  Keep it up as long as you can stand it and until your skin starts to turn pale pink/white then quit.  It is best if you do this after a high protein meal and...

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Cold Adapting tool

Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in Leptin | 4 comments

I have been dipping my face in ice water this week but I really have no idea what temperature the water is, nor do I know how cold I am really getting my skin.  I saw this tool on Amazon today and went ahead and ordered it with prime.  Hopefully it will arrive in time for the challenge to start but it probably won’t get here till Tuesday. HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight So are you joining me in this adventure on Monday?  Go here to see the details. Come on in!  The Water’s Freezing!...

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I want to be well!

Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in healing, Leptin, Lyme | 3 comments

Here I am as a high school senior.  I was young.  I was strong.  My brain and my body both worked well and I loved to use them.  I ran track, acted in plays, sang in choirs and dreamed of a life preforming on the stage.  I had limitless energy and a desire to experience life to the fullest.  It is hard at times to remember what I once enjoyed and took for granted. It is my fundamental belief that my body wants to be healthy. I will never be 17 again but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve from here. I believe that everyone has within them the genes necessary to be healthy.  That doesn’t mean that it will be easy or that my answer will be your answer.  I’m just working my butt off trying to find...

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Come on in! The water’s freezing!

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Adrenal, Leptin, thyroid | 12 comments

Photo by Brrrr!!!!  Doesn’t this look like fun?  Jumping into icy cold water and hanging out for a bit?  Many of you know I have been following the Leptin Reset for a few months.  Less than a month ago, Jack Kruse came out with a new twist on this.  You can read his first post on it here.  I’m still trying to understand all of the science behind it but I am excited at the possibility of it fixing my thyroid.   Mercola writes about it here. The basic premise is that you teach your body to adapt to the cold using ice water.  This has massive impact on how your body works.  If I can believe what he has said this will increase your metabolism, make your thyroid work better, fix your adrenal issues, resolve diabetes, and melt...

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