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Guest Posting Today at Divine Health

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Detox, GAPS | 3 comments

Today I am guest posting on Lydia’s blog Divine Health.  My post is all about a subject near and dear to those of us who are following GAPS, enemas. No? You don’t love them?  I wasn’t very excited about them either when I started GAPS.  You can read all about it over in today’s post. The Benefit of Enemas a Testimonial Lydia Joy Shatney @ Divine Health is currently enrolled in the distance learning program through Nutritional Therapy Association and will be certified a nutritional therapist practioner. Lydia is co-leader of her local Weston Price Foundation Chapter Group. She is gluten free and tends towards a modified paleo/primal/GAPS dietary protocol, this will be evidenced in the recipes found on her site. I have learned a lot for Lydia and I am sure you will too....

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