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Leptin Reset

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 in Adrenal, GAPS, healing, Leptin, thyroid | 40 comments

Give up Snacking? In December? What am I, Crazy? One of my great joys of the holiday season is cookies and hot coffee drinks!  And I finally figured out how to make cookies that we can all eat! With my usual jump in with both feet attitude I began the Leptin Reset the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I had learned about it the day before.  Now to be sure it wasn’t a huge change from what I was eating already so that made it much easier to make the shift.  It was simply a change of when and how much I ate the same foods I was already eating. So what is the Leptin Reset?  In short it is a way to reset your bodies sensitivity to the hormone Leptin.  Leptin is what tells you to stop eating.  It should go...

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